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January 13, 2018

Since I have no official parameters for this blog, I have to say, there a a plethora of good movies out right now. My daughter-in-law Kimberly brought “Hidden Figures” to our New Year’s weekend and it was fantastic. Its a true story of the mathematicians working for NASA. They were all black women and had some of the finest minds of their age. It’s so inspiring and family appropriate. Little kids wouldn’t be interested, of course, but I loved it.

Then we saw “The Man Who Invented Christmas” which was about Charles Dickens writing “A Christmas Carol.” I LOVED this one, but if you aren’t very familiar with the story, (including lines and characters) you might not enjoy it as much. I heard others in the theater saying that they hadn’t been able to follow it very well. That’s because you have to know which are real people and which are merely characters in the story Dickens is trying to write. The appear and disappear without explanation. I really enjoyed that method of staging, but it could have drawbacks. After Jeff and I saw it, we took my Mom to see it. Mom and I watched the George C Scott version of A Christmas Carol at home first to freshen it up in Mom’s mind. She seemed to enjoy it too.

Next we saw The Greatest Showman. It was not only entertaining, but loosely based on real history. There never was romance between Jenny Lind and PT Barnum, nor did the circus develop the way it is shown in the movie. Both his young partner and the trapezist are fictional characters too, but since PT Barnum was indeed a great showman, I doubt he would have minded much about the embellishments. The added romantic tension is fun.  Here’s another fun fact, PT Barnum never was recorded as saying “There’s a sucker born each minute.” That was criticism lodged at him. He may have said some version as “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

I’ve heard that Coco is good and I want to see it this week.

We rented the most recent Spiderman movie and I enjoyed it too. I think I would have cast the kid who plays Spiderman as a little less of a weakling, but overall, it’s good comic book type fun.

I wasn’t all that interested in the New Star Wars movie since recent offerings have been lackluster in my estimation. I have not met a single person who said they loved it. Most have said “Meh, it’s okay.” Some have objected to the blatant feminist slant. I haven’t seen it and won’t until it’s on TV or in Redbox.

If anyone has other winners to recommend for a family audience, Please comment on this post!

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