Why I Believe:

September 19, 2014
Tricia Bowers has six younger brothers. She has a Master’s degree in Literacy and taught school for several years, finishing up her career with four years as a Reading Specialist. She learned Russian in Ukraine when she served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She now revels in her work as a wife and a mother.
I decided that I wanted to share my testimony in this “Why I believe” series, and immediately several important experiences came to mind.  I have seen miracles.  I have participated in miracles.  Many spiritual moments in my life combine like colored bits of glass to form the ever growing mosaic that is my testimony.  The experience I decided to share is not glamorous or impressive, but it is central to my spiritual knowledge.  

While preparing to serve as a full time missionary in Ukraine, I was in the Missionary Training Center to learn rudimentary Russian and how to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who were unfamiliar with it.  I loved my time in the MTC, but it was extremely challenging.  I had always felt smart and capable in learning situations, and suddenly was struggling to learn a language that was absolutely foreign to me.  (Pun intended!) In fact, I felt like I was behind most of the other missionaries learning Russian with me, despite dedicating many extra hours to study and praying many times a day for help.  

One evening as I went to bed, I felt wretched.  I felt ugly and incapable, and “imperfections” seemed too kind a word to describe my many flaws.  We had been studying about Jesus Christ, and bringing his message of salvation to others, but I wondered, “Why would anyone want to save the likes of me?”  I knelt and poured out my heart to my Heavenly Father, feeling that all my brokenness and ugliness was uncovered before Him.  Then I asked, “Did He really do it for ME?  Almost before the words were thought, a piercing “Yes.” echoed through my mind.  Yes.  Even you.  

I bear testimony that Jesus Christ is MY Savior.  He can heal, fix, or resolve any problem.  He conquered death and evil and everything that stems from them.  Through His power, I can transcend my issues and thrive.  I can be whole, and can rejoice.  I rejoiced as I taught new friends in Ukraine about my Savior (in Russian, which I did learn adequately), and saw and felt that His mighty love and power extended to them as well.  I have rejoiced many times since then as I’ve witnessed His power working in my life and in others’ lives.  I would wish for the knowledge that I gained that night to be received by each person.  Jesus is not an abstract Savior– He is mine and yours.

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