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January 19, 2018

Many readers of CCC know my family. I have a daughter and six sons. I admit that I have to rationalize my pride in them. When does pride in one’s children become unrighteous?

Here’s how I have figured it out. Pride is unrighteous when it is competitive. Since I feel no competition, but merely wish to rejoice and to have those who care about me to rejoice with me, I am going to share some of our recent good news.

Today, Daniel successfully defended his Dissertation! When he finishes his Internship in August, he will be a doctor of psychology. He intends to work as a prison psychologist.

Tricia and Walt are about to have a baby girl. Daniel and Lindsay have a baby boy due the same day. Rob and Marseille are expecting this summer (gender or genders yet unknown)

Scott joined a dental practice in Pocatello, ID, last summer.  It’s so fun to have him finished with the Army and settling in.

Brian will be starting Medical School in May. He and Kelsi will be moving to St. Martaans. (Caribbean island)

Chris is plugging away at BYU-I. He changed his major back to ‘Business’ from ‘Financial Economics’ because of a more favorable job path after graduation. He’ll have 2 semesters after the current one.

Thomas is a sophomore at BYU, also majoring in ‘business’. He wants to earn an MBA. I think he still wants to do family financial counseling/planning.

My column, Americana runs in two newspapers (we’re working on others) and is doing well. The Oklahoman has an ‘online share’ tally with the online version, and it is not uncommon for articles to reach several hundred shares. Thanks to ALL my readers for that!

Most exciting, I’m working on a new book project. It’s a memoir of a man who was born with a lethal disease. As a newborn, he went from the hospital where he was delivered to a hospital for terminally ill patients.

Obviously, he didn’t die, but grew up in the hospital with the expectation that all his friends died. He was rejected by his family and addicted to the pain killers used to sedate him in infancy.

But there were angels in his life, too, some from the most unexpected quarters of society.  It’s a story of triumph and God’s ultimate love finding us, no matter how dark the corner where we hide. I want to finish it by the end of 2018.

Jeff is enjoying his retirement, complete with season tickets to BYU football and basketball, planning Americana story-finding trips, and enjoying family.

We both enjoy tutoring a couple of kids in reading a few time a week.

We will soon release our joint project of Beth Stephenson’s Americana, volume 2.

So that’s us! Life is beautiful!



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