President Trump’s speech

February 1, 2018

I apologize to all who hate all politics. If you do, stop reading now.

I watched President Trump’s state of the Union address. After all, my column, Americana, is about Everything Good in America! Surely if there are good things happening in America, it would be highlighted in our President’s speech.

I was pleased by his demeanor. I’m sure his speech writers worked long and hard to shape not only his image but the tone of his message. Frankly, I don’t think he (or anybody) could have done better. The only criticism that a literary folk like I might complain about was the addition of unnecessary adjectives, (wonderful, beautiful, terrific, horrible etc). Pretty small stuff, eh? But then again, the use of superlatives is quintessential Trump. And when read in print, it leaves no room for shading his meaning.

I appreciated the tact and subtlety in referencing our illegal alien problems when he said, “Americans are dreamers, too.” I wonder if the legal voters who oppose him realize that the huge toll illegal immigrants have on our society detours vast amounts of money that could otherwise be used to improve life for citizens in our inner cities, schools and make dangerous neighborhoods safer for honest, law abiding citizens.

He courageously highlighted the obvious truth that American leaders first obligation is to serve American interests. When America is strong and thriving, historically, we export prosperity around the world. Trump wants to make America great by serving AMERICANS first. It is his and every single representatives’, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, sworn oath to do so.

It’s not that I don’t have compassion for those who bring their families here for a better life. If I lived in Mexico or some other Latin American country, I would do whatever it took to bring my children here, whatever the price. But it truly is in the best interest of America to prevent illegals from draining our resources away from the most needy in America.

It astonished me to hear how the ABC commentators framed his speech. I am pretty certain that they had printed out their responses before they even heard the speech.

ABC, I have to wonder if you realized that everybody who heard your comments had just watched the speech. People who do that are going to have their own feelings and responses.

WE HEARD the president say several times that he wanted to work with both parties to solve problems. That is not divisive, it is unifying, if the minority has any interest in working for a better America.

WE SAW the rows of sullen Democrats sit on their hands when Trump lauded American Heroes and drew attention to victims of evil.

WE WATCHED in astonishment as reporters billed the “rebuttal” by Joe Kennedy as “a much more unifying speech” IN ADVANCE of his giving it.

WE SAT in astonishment as Joe Kennedy, (handsome, rich, (with a net worth of $43 million at age thirty-ish which he did not earn, but received from his incredibly rich white privileged family) and appealing, despite his overuse of vaseline,) talked about the poor and downtrodden WITHOUT PROPOSING ONE SINGLE SOLUTION TO ONE SINGLE PROBLEM.  I also noted that in a room full of well-dressed Democrats, there was only one black person visible and nobody of any other race. And wouldn’t a rebuttal, if offered as an answer to Trump, have more credibility if it ALSO was given in front of a mixed party audience?

If I were an ABC reporter, I would have refused to read a script of such nonsense, no matter how much I hated the President. It was an insult to  their viewers, and utterly destructive of their own credibility as news reporters.

It did however boost their value as potential comedy performers.

I assume that some of the statistics are massaged to reflect better than actual facts, though I have no examples of that. But after researching Obama’s flagrantly misleading use of numbers I have to concede that it may be a common political practice.

I also  know that no massaging was necessary when speaking of the truth that American businesses of all sizes are optimistic and thriving. That President Donald Trump has delivered on his promises to business in spectacular fashion. His ideas and economic concepts are working.

The result of thriving businesses is showing to be better than trickle down: it’s flowing straight into the pockets of American workers. Perhaps the wealthy are getting wealthier, (by my standards, coming from a single teacher/coach income family), I’m rich and our retirement account is getting richer.) But if the rich are getting richer, we/they are also buying more products, using more services, tipping, sharing, donating more. If you doubt me, look at the numbers for charitable donations in the last year. So the poor are getting richer, too.

Again, if you doubt me, look at the statistics. More importantly, note the upward mobility of the poorest citizens. Americas poor are not as poor as they used to be, and most American workers steadily increase their net worth throughout their lives.

I am sick to death of the left pointing out big salaries for CEO’s. The numbers involved are so tiny compared with the general economy that if you fired every one of the top twenty highest paid CEO’s  and confiscated their yearly salaries, you could give every American worker, (whether employed or not,) a whopping $5. FIVE SMACKERS! That’s a one time payment, not a raise or recurring event.

If I was so lucky to get that largess, I’d use a Subway coupon and buy a footlong sandwich!

But if there were no CEO’s, businesses would flounder. Soon they wouldn’t be hiring. Soon there would not be money to pay employees. Unemployment would rise and we’d slide first into a recession and then into a depression. Companies, like families, churches, schools, and every other organization, need leaders. In the case of business, the best leaders are the most profitable for the company and all its employees, and so they are paid the most. But anxious is the head that wears the crown. They are also the most likely to be fired for non-performance.

I thought it was courageous of Trump to call out the vicious gang MS-13. Though no Democrats seemed to approve, their constituents in the inner cities live in fear of this pervasive evil. Most of these gang members are of Latin American descent and enter the country as unaccompanied minors. Their common hand sign is the index and pinky held up in a ‘devil horns salute.’ Held upside down, it signifies the “M” for Mara. The 13 refers to the 13 second beating new members must survive before becoming members.

Wasn’t it fascinating that the Black Caucus didn’t clap or cheer when the President commented that Black unemployment is down by half? Why not? Why not indeed!

The ABC commentators swooned over the fact that some of the Black United States Congressmen were wearing their Kinta Cloths. So they are not Americans? They don’t want what’s best for Americans? If they are identified only by their ancestral origins, as they emphasize by their African adornments, are we to understand that they are only interested in the well-being of Africans?

Black Americans are doing better. Isn’t that something to celebrate? It seems to me that their hostile response indicates that they realize that when Trump succeeds in making life better for their constituents, they lose power and influence. Their oppressive tactics that maintain their power and encourage dependency are weakened as the people are empowered to succeed without them. No wonder they’re frowning. They’re being exposed for the corrupt and oppressive people they are. If Black Americans thrive, they lose. No wonder they hate Trump.

It’s a true fact that unemployment is down across all demographics. It’s indeed a direct result of friendly business policies. Trump deserves credit.

The extreme tactics resorted to by his enemies: hurling accusations, charges and innuendos without regard for  truth suggest just how much of a threat to their patterns of oppression he is.

I don’t endorse Trumps morals. From what I observed of him before he had political aspirations, personal morality was not important to him. Ironically, that’s the one thing the Lefties can’t bring up or exploit because of the well-known immorality/drug use by Democrat heroes like Clinton, Kennedy (s) and Obama.

It’s almost hilarious that the media is having such a fit over the crass comments Trump made about some black nations when Hillary Clinton herself is known to have a vicious potty-mouth extraordinaire.

But I digress. Like him or not, President Trump is doing a fantastic job. He’s truly creating a path to making America great again.

The only question that remains is whether we, as a people, have sunk into immorality and evil to the degree that God cannot longer continue to bless this land and people. When/if that is true, no mortal leader, no matter how talented and no matter how righteous will be able to rescue us.

If we want to receive good, we must BE good, work hard, be honest and committed to the cause of promoting righteousness.

If we do, we will prosper in the land.

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