A Sudden National Champion in the Family!

April 6, 2018

So MANY exciting things are happening in our family. Probably the most unexpected was the news we received a week ago that our Daughter in Law, Kelsi was about to compete in the Nationals for USASA.

It was a shock because we didn’t know that she was competing AT ALL.

It started about a year ago when she and Brian had a conversation about what they would do differently if they could go back a few years. Kelsi wished that she had competed in snowboard racing.

Why not now?

Why not indeed!

So she started it. She broke her ankle badly on her first trip to train on a real giant slalom course. She was disabled for months as the pins and screws helped her bones heal.

But as soon as the snow came again in the fall, she was out on the slopes, this time snowboarding against others and a clock.

She won first place in her very first event. She’s never had a coach. She’s never had any special athletic training. But she loves to snowboard and loves to go fast. Very, very fast.

She won her second competition.

And her third, fourth, fifth, and sixth, on and on.

She came into the Nationals undefeated!

Of course she hopes to attract sponsors and aims at the pros, What could she do with a little coaching?

I was nervous all morning, waiting to hear the results of the Giant Slalom, senior division.

At last the text came. “Kelsi is the Senior women’s  Giant Slalom Snowboard NATIONAL CHAMPION!


Ironically, she and Brian are moving to St. Maartens, an island in the Caribbean for him to start med school in a couple of weeks. Hmmmm.

I don’t blame her for not wanting everyone to know what she intended to try. I am often reluctant to share my own big dreams.

But if you don’t dream, you don’t do.

I’m so proud and pleased for her!

Follow the link for a run she made in a competition in March. Notice how silent the snow is in much of the footage.

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