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December 3, 2017

This trip was styled a little differently than other trips we’ve done. We saved a ton of money by scheduling the trip according to the Kayak explore site’s lowest airfares. We flew to LA on a separate itinerary first because most international flights are much cheaper out of LA.

Hubby Jeff also opened an Air BnB account earlier this year, so we can find very inexpensive lodging all over the world.

We saved over a hundred dollars between us by using only carry-on backpacks and not checking any luggage. I really like the backpacks, too because as we are boarding buses and travelling in the country, they’re easy to carry and maneuver.

We ate simply. Another advantage of the Air BnB’s is that most allow kitchen privileges. Our regular diet is less disrupted that way too.

In country travel by bus was very inexpensive. They’re easy to navigate and I loved the sense of cultural immersion.

The Tripadvisor site helped us find the best tour companies. We were delighted with the suggestions on rafting, jungle hike, and Mitad de Mundo. (equator site).

When we go to Europe next, we’ll use these same concepts but ride Ryan Air between countries. It’s prices are amazing, but on that airline, you even have a fee for carryon luggage. (I guess you could wear all your clothes and take them off when you got to the country!)

I’d love to see some travel on the cheap suggestions in the comments!

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