August 3, 2017

No, not the kind that interface to help a career, but rather the ones for your face that improve vision. Or so they should.

I didn’t need reading glasses until I was in my forties. But eventually, I got to the point that I needed them for both reading and distance. I wear them all the time now. But when I’m outdoors and getting a little sweaty, my glasses slip down my nose. If I’m gardening and therefore looking down, they fall off.

Beside that, it’s hard to wear sunglasses over correction glasses and bifocal sunglasses are expensive.

Enough! I went to Costco and got a prescription for bifocal contact lenses.

I look spiffy. . .I think. I can’t see worth a darn.

The doctor explained that the better your distance vision, the worse your near vision with multifocal contacts. So I’m supposed to try to find a happy medium. Apparently my brain should be capable of finding the proper focus with the lenses that is good enough for both distance and reading.

But there’s more to it than that. The contact doesn’t want to stick to my left eyeball. . .and then it doesn’t want to stay put. I can feel it on my left eye all the time. Twice it’s actually fallen off and been lost and other times I find it up in the corner of my eye.

I’ve been through three brands so far and none are any better than the last. I can hardly wait to get them off and back to seeing normally in my old-lady bifocals.

Today I went back for the fourth time to Costco. The regular doctor is back from an injury and he agreed that I’ll never have vision as good as I can get through bifocal glasses.

But he gave me another brand of contacts to try. If these don’t work, I guess I have two options. Either I can give up and resign myself to regular glasses or I can try to find something that’s comfortable on my eye that only corrects for distance. I would use reading glasses for close.

At least glasses act as goggles when I’m doing something that creates sawdust or sparks. . .

I could get something a little more chic in the glasses department. . .

I’ll post a picture next week that explains how I solved the dilemma. I’ve never been a quitter before, but I’m certainly considering i!

On the homefront, our backyard garage is getting it’s stucco tomorrow! We bought a house that had a disproportionately small garage. Add to that the generously sized backyard has no shade. So we had a pad poured and our son Scott (with help from his brothers and our brother in law) built us a nice one car garage with a covered patio off one side.

Once the garage has been stuccoed, I’m going to wire it, hang a light in the patio area install the big rolling garage door, and then we’ll set the flagstone that will form the patio. By then, the summer will be over and we should be able to get a good deal on some patio furniture. I think that’s the LAST of our big house projects!

Life is good!


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