What a long-forgotten civil rights case can tell us about what’s happening now.

May 6, 2015
It wasn’t a high profile case. No high profile agitators making speeches, no protesters holding candle vigils. This was before that was the fashion. This was before we had so many prominent evil people trying to shape a narrative for their own political gain. But there were some pertinent revelations in how people can be irrational to the point of being immoral.
A member of my family was on the jury.
This case was virtually identical to the relevant facts in most of these 2014-2015 high profile cases.

Oklahoma City Police Department's photo.

A passing motorist snaps a picture of an Oklahoma City Police officer changes a tire for a lady in the rain 5-5-2015. (and I know him!) (The position of the umbrella is thought-provoking to me.)

A car had been stolen at gunpoint. Officers in the area were notified of the make, model and color of the car and a description of the suspects.
A police officer was standing in the middle of an intersection directing traffic just a block away from the hijacking when he heard the radioed warning, “Armed and dangerous.”
A moment later, a car and occupants meeting the exact description approached him in the intersection. He signaled them to stop and the driver charged him with the car.
The passenger reached toward the floor.
The officer drew his gun as he leaped out of the way. Believe the passenger was reaching for the gun the officer fired at the passenger, killing him.
Witnesses corroborated the officer’s description of the incident.
The officer was tried and acquitted.
The family of the dead suspect filed a civil suit against the officer.
After hearing the case, the whole jury agreed that the shooting was clearly self defense, based on undisputed evidence.
But the parents had taken the stand and complained about all the baseball games they wouldn’t get to take their son to. They’d never sit in church together.  They went on about all the wonderful family things they’d never get to do with their son.
Happily, the officer had a descent lawyer.
They would hardly miss the baseball games, since they had never taken the kid to baseball games in the past. They had never attended any church together. The kid had been involved in crime for while and they’d done nothing to stop him. They could present no evidence that they had even tried.
The kid was a criminal from a totally dysfunctional family.
Even with all that clear evidence and correct conclusions about the officer, some members of the jury wanted to give the parents a money award, since they had indeed lost their son.
They felt sorry for the “grieving” mother, even knowing that the tales of missed opportunity were the fabrication of a predatory lawyer’s mind.
Pay the criminal’s family when he receives the consequences for his actions?
Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed and the officer was again acquitted and no money was paid. Members of the jury convinced the ones that wanted to give something that they must enforce the rule of law, and not succumb to pleas for sympathy by greedy lawyers and relatives.

Justice would have been even better served if the family that brought the civil lawsuit had been made to reimburse the officer and his family for the trauma and expense of having to defend himself for his actions in protecting the people of the community against them.

Here’s a link to a list of people (all people, without noting race) that were killed by police in the last year.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_killings_by_law_enforcement_officers_in_the_United_States,_August_2014 See if the whole body of incidents fits the current narrative at all.

If you look up one of the high profile recent cases (like Michael Brown) on wikipedia, you’ll see a list of other recent protester-garnering cases. Read the reports now that the media and the agitators have reset their mouse trap for the next time an officer must use his weapon against a black man.
It’s notable to me that as I read the reports online about what we know about each of these prominent cases, there’s little sign of police acting improperly. The truth of each case, as it comes out long after the TV cameras have moved away, is that they are mostly just routine cases of common criminals getting killed while misbehaving. One apparently innocent kid was killed. . .but he was in a park pointing an AK-47 replica gun that had the orange tip (that would have identified it as a toy) removed.
These incidents have occurred regularly for years. They are happening to whites, too, in very similar numbers. But cop-to-white incidents don’t meet the criteria for the agitators message, so are ignored.

We, like the jurors in that long-forgotten civil rights case I started with, are being played like a fiddle.

 Have you noticed the subtle shift in the narrative recently? It started as white cops needlessly killing “innocent” black males. But incidents were so infrequent that they decided to make it “Cops” killing “innocent” black males. Their purpose is to overthrow the rule of law (enforcement) and so they cherry pick the cases they can massage into “public outcry”. These protests and riots are designed to make it seem that it’s white on black oppression but several of the cases that have been high profile involve minorities on both sides of the badge. Agitators, (community organizers) need a steady stream of incidents to give the impression they want. So sometimes they have to fudge a little and use cases where both officers and those killed were minorities.
We the people of the United States of America in order to establish a more perfect union, and establish justice MUST not accept the conclusions being fed to us by evil, designing people. Again I say, “They are hand picking cases that meet a certain profile. They are promoting a predesigned story to reach a calculated end.”
Look carefully at the narrative to find their motives.
Who gains power when looters and rioters are depicted as victims? Who is empowered when the criminal element is elevated to status of martyrs?
Think long and hard about what social changes can be achieved by empowering the least informed, least contributing, and least guided by moral compasses and family responsibilities. Take a long, hard look at how Hitler and Stalin used racial tensions to justify killing  40 million people they deemed “oppressive”. How were they oppressive? They were business owners, shop keepers, tradesmen, educators, capable leaders. They were property owners. Hitler and Stalin were masters at playing the “race card.”
Then read how Mao Zedong managed to seize control of China. The very first step is to give permission for the very lowest, least educated, least stable populations permission to “destroy” and steal.They were told to destroy property owners, the educated, and those who have shown themselves to be capable leaders. They are granted the privilege of discarding the laws that protect a stable community. Read about the killing of 50-75 millions of Chinese citizens that followed.
We better look carefully about who is benefiting as the poorest, least productive people are stirred up and encouraged to fight against authority, and given permission to destroy. By eliminating the rule of lawsomeone will fill the resulting void. Who is it? What’s their agenda?
Logic demands that it is people who hold the same ideals as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and so on.
They used to call themselves “socialists”, “communists” or “fascists”.
They’ve renamed themselves “progressives”. (Mao called it “new society” Hitler called it “Aryan  race”)
Identify them individually by listening to what public officials are saying about the demonstrations. Who is siding with the demonstrators? Who is validating their actions? Who is ignoring the Constitution that is designed to protect the civil rights of all Americans, including property owners? The Constitution is the rule of law in the USA. Who is trying to thwart the rule of law?
 They’re on the news. They’re making sympathetic speeches. THEY’RE SPENDING MONEY to ensure that this “movement” continues. They call themselves “community organizers” on camera. Why would they spend money if they don’t have something to gain? Again I ask, What do they have to gain?
 Nothing in the progressive agenda relieves ANYBODY’S suffering. History shows that it only increases misery, poverty, oppression and despair. It is anti-Christ. Anti-all peaceful religions. The progressive’s ultimate goal is to enslave people. That has been the result in every case in history when these methods and ideology have been used. And the enslavement came to Russia and China and Germany, and Korea etc, etc, only after many, many millions of innocent people were first murdered.
If, like the gentle-hearted members of the 25-year-old civil jury, people feel sympathetic to the criminals who are burning and looting, we’ll be lulled into passiveness, we’ll lost our nation. We’ll believe the narrative that it is unjust for some to prosper when others are poor. We’ll apologize as we relinquish our freedoms, and dispose of the next generations’ futures, possibly their lives.

If allowed to continue, this movement toward agitating the worst of our citizens will harm every single American citizen, rich, middle, poor, black, white, yellow, red, pink, brown, beige, blue collar, white collar etc.
Mothers and fathers, ministers, rabbis, mayors, city councilmen, school boards, teachers, businessmen, elected officials, appointed officials, leaders of every kind and color must stand up for the cause of freedom and the rule of law. The two concepts are inseparably joined and MUST remain so, if we are to be a free society with liberty and justice for all.

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  • Reply Caralyn May 7, 2015 at 2:32 am

    I couldn't agree more. It started happening little by little at first, so it seemed. I don't trust the news any more, especially with the things that I know about certain things that have happened and mostly lies were printed and said. Now, I do understand about having to 'cover up' certain details, but there's no reason why they can't be vague and truthful at the same time. Instead of doing their do-diligence, reporters only do and say what will capture attention. This include making opinions as statements without any evidence or proof to back it all up. That's why I can't stand politics either.With all the name calling and using wordage to paint a picture for or against someone, we're getting further and further from the facts; from the truth. There's now talk about an app so people can record police officers when they pull them over. This will only work if the person or bystanders start recording the moment the officer comes in view so the whole story can be seen. It's not smart to go off half cocked over a partial recording/video. Again the entire scene must be seen and heard so a logical conclusion can be made off of facts. I LOVE this blog!!!

  • Reply Caralyn May 7, 2015 at 2:32 am

    This tablet keeps acting up, but let's see if I can write this out. I find this particular blog very interesting and true. Knowing some behind the scene info. on a few cases broadcast over the years, I've noticed how much lies and deception are reported as facts while the truth is buried away. It really is horrible.

  • Reply Beth Stephenson May 7, 2015 at 2:48 am

    Thanks for your response, Caralyn. We need to listen thoughtfully and try to understand the core points. I know police brutality occurs, but these current events don't add to the body of evidence nor do they support the narrative that it is rampant in the USA, as politicians would have us believe.

  • Reply Kim Burnham May 16, 2015 at 11:43 pm

    Interesting article. It does seem that the media does all it can to turn the image of criminals into victims. I am surprised they haven't invoked the term, "criminally challenged." I feel for police officers that must make life and death decisions in the blink of an eye and then spend the rest of their lives having those decisions pad the resumes of reporters and attorneys.

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