Somebody defaced my car in a way that reveals their true character

September 29, 2015

Somebody defaced my bumper sticker with a black marker. I noticed it when I came out of the grocery store and commented out loud, “Somebody defaced my bumper sticker!” Another shopper came over and looked at it. “What do you expect?” he asked. “If they’re willing to murder babies before they can take a breath to object, what’s a bumper sticker to them?”
What’s my right to free speech to them?
What’s my property to them? Are they taxpayers? They like taking my dollars to pay for their horrific crimes.
I’ve not been “political” for a while. (About a month, I guess) But really, I’m not going to be political now. I’m speaking of our national morality.
I’m sick and tired of talk show hosts, including Fox’s Megyn Kelly and other commentators scolding people like Kim Davis who wouldn’t give a marriage license to gays. She calmly explained that it went against her moral duty. The talking heads keep pointing out that “It’s the law of the land! She should uphold the law of the land!”
Here’s a little history lesson.
In 1976, Governor Christopher Bond of Missouri rescinded the “Mormon Extermination order.” It had been the LAW OF THE LAND that Missourians were to drive the Mormons from the state and if that was not possible to exterminate them. In 1838, they used both methods. I was living in Missouri at the time and chuckled at the way Governor Bond did the act. He didn’t warn anybody, but announced it after the fact. What would have happened if some Missourian mass murdered a bunch of Mormons and then used the Boggs order as legal justification. Do you suppose it would have stood up to the test? A defendant could rightly claim that he had no malice, just did his civic duty.

Even more interesting is the reason for the order. The Mormons were gathering in western Missouri mostly from the Northern United states. But Missouri wanted to be a slave state and all those northerners scowled at the institution of slavery. It became politic to get rid of a voting block that would prevent them from practicing their evil.

Before the Civil War, the LAW OF THE LAND made it illegal to teach a slave to read. A slave could not own property, nor could a slave enter a contract. A slave was subject to severe punishment if he were caught with a paper with any writing on it on his person.
The LAW OF THE LAND made it illegal to help a black person get away from his master, even in the north. It was legal for slave hunters to venture into the north to capture escaped slaves and illegal for anyone to prevent their recapture.

Until the mid 1960’s the LAW OF THE LAND prevented Blacks from eating in restaurants where whites were served, or drinking from fountains where whites drank, or riding in a bus or train in the seats where whites were sitting nearby.

The LAW of the LAND has allowed businesses to publicly state that they will employ no Irish.

The Law of the Land allows congress to pass laws that apply to others but not to them.

 This is our 32-week-since-conception granddaughter. Her name will probably be Gracey Bowers. I think it’s funny how the three dimensional pictures make them look so lumpy, but also give such a clear picture of their features. She’s having a nice little nap, safe in her Mommy’s womb. 

The law of the land makes it illegal for me to use my cell phone while driving but has no problem in some states with smoking pot and getting high while caring for children and can inhale the second hand smoke.

Yes, the “Law of the Land” allows men to marry other men and women to marry other women. The law of the land does not allow ANYONE to sell human body parts.
The law of the land allows women to kill the babies in their wombs as long as the baby has not had a chance to breathe so that he or she can scream for help.
That’s the law of the land.
To whomever took it upon themselves to mark up my sticker, you reveal a fundamental lack of respect for other’s rights and property, to say nothing of their lives. May God help you fix it before you meet him and have to explain for yourself.
Yes indeed, may God help you!


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