The Truth of Gender Identity is NOT Hate Speech!

July 8, 2015
This little boy is pretending to be a pirate. 

These women (Jan Larsen and Beth Stephenson) are pretending to be cowboys

Now he’s pretending to be Robin Hood

There’s something exciting about a costume. It sparks our imagination and makes us feel like we really are someone or something different.
Uniforms facilitate the same reflex. When an officer is in uniform, he feels more officer-like. When I’m wearing a cowboy hat, I feel more like a horsewoman. (I bought one right after the above picture was taken in 2013)

Captain America and Sidekick
Captain and Mrs. Scott Stephenson before the Officer’s Ball 2013

But the costume doesn’t make my little grandson Captain America, or Robin Hood or a pirate. Riding a horse and herding a few cows doesn’t make me a cowboy (or cowgirl, if your politically correct), and even dressing up for a ball doesn’t make Kimberly Cinderella, or Scott Prince Charming. (Though they do look spiffy, don’t they?)
I’ve seen pictures of people who have mutilated their faces to resemble a cats.
But they’re not cats. They’re humans with mutilated faces.
If my grandson wants to be a pirate and decides to poke out his eye to justify the patch over one eye and to saw off a leg so he can be even more convincing, should his parents allow it? What do you think would happen to parents who allowed their child’s pretending to go to the extent of self mutilation?
What would you think of parents that bought their suicidal child a lethal weapon? It’s their life, shouldn’t they be allowed to destroy it?
The answers to these suggestions should be entirely obvious.
So why are we pretending that a man who has mutilated his body so that he appears more like the opposite gender really is the opposite gender? Every bit of tissue, every cell other than blood in every human body knows which gender it is.
He has fathered children. No matter how much he pays a surgeon, he will never be their mother.
The idea that because a man has donned a costume surgically we should now call him “she” is just plain ol’ silliness. Just as to suggest that since my hysterectomy, I am no longer a woman. Of course the parts that were removed were not the visible parts, but they were certainly critically important to my role and life as a daughter of God.
Bruce, you’re a man. You may have fantasies about being a woman, but you’re not. No amount of wishing or dreaming or pretending will change the truth.
TRUTH is not hate speech! Gender is decided at conception.
But it’s more than the physiology of femininity. Gender is part of our eternal souls. To suggest that if you look like a woman and you want to be a woman, you are a woman is ridiculous. He says that he’s always felt “more like a woman than a man.” But how does he know? Does he feel more prissy than most men? How does he even know how most men feel?  Does he like the feel of silk on his skin? Can a man, any man know what it feels like to be a woman? Like all the rest of humanity, he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.
I take a teeny tiny testosterone supplement in my HRT. At first, it was too much and I experienced the “side effects” of too much testosterone for several weeks. I had a glimpse of what it feels like to have a masculine sex drive. But I still don’t know what it feels like to be a man. I only know what it feels like to be a woman with too much masculine hormone. That’s because gender is far more than chemistry or appearance.
He has no idea what it feels like to be a woman. He’ll never have menstrual cramps. He’ll never have menstruation, He’ll never yearn to carry a baby in his body. He’ll never understand the spiritual delight of nursing an infant at his breast. He’ll never hear those magical words, “Just put your feet in the stirrups and slide down the table a foot or so.” He’ll never be anybody’s sister.
I’m not scolding Bruce Jenner for his gender confusion. I’m scolding all the rest of pop culture that is pretending that a surgeon can alter gender.
If he is convinced that he is now a woman, why did he tell his kids to call him dad? Women don’t use that appellation.
To those who hold to the concept that people can choose their gender if they have enough money, I have bad news.
The pictures you see on TV aren’t real.
You need to check out a computer program called “photoshop.”
Halloween night doesn’t transform you into a pumpkin or  a princess.
There is no ranch house on the Ponderosa. It’s a two-sided set. The stairs don’t lead anywhere.
Captain America didn’t really go from being a 98 pound weakling to a buff, handsome superhero by use of a radical medical treatment.

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  • Reply grammie g July 14, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    Your insight never ceases to amaze me. I wish I could express myself as clear and to the point the way that you do. I have had so many thoughts on this very subject and you have put them into words perfectly. Thank you, Beth!

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