A happy/sad farewell.

March 26, 2019

Dave Rose, the BYU basketball coach retired today. This is the first year of his 14 years as head coach that he didn’t (quite) win 20 games.

I’m sad. Truthfully, I don’t care much about wins and losses as I do about the human impact that those numbers make. Rose is a classy guy. I have always known I could trust him to represent my beloved BYU with honor and integrity. I knew that when refs made grievious errors in calling a game, he’d stand up for our guys and yet he wouldn’t disgrace himself, the team or BYU by his behavior.

While it’s true that I’ve seen him almost purple with anger when refs seemed to be flagrantly unfair, he generally got a hold of himself and made the best of it.

I prayed for him when he battled pancreatic cancer.

Now he’s on to pursuits nearer and dearer to his heart than basketball. In his press conference he said his new team is his family. I imagine he’s ready to serve them and God in new and exciting ways.

We wish him well. May the pillars of the man, his body, mind and heart sustain him in joy.

Dave Rose Retires from BYU

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