The Good and Great in America

March 24, 2019

I feel so grateful to all those who have honored my granddaughter Kate by giving blood!

I wrote about my little granddaughter’s stroke and subsequent open heart surgery. Kate came the surgery with incredible ease and wonderful results. But the blessings didn’t stop there!

A lady in their Ward, (church congregation) took Lindsay, Kate’s Mom’s idea to give blood to help some others who are in need and organized a blood drive.  Here’s the link the story.  (watch the news clip)

The reporter left before the blood drive ended! That day, they collected 72 unites of blood and three of plasma. People in other parts of the country have also donated in her honor and the total is currently over 100 unites of donated blood products.

While Kate doesn’t need any more blood, there has been a huge shortage of blood and plasma across the USA lately. It’s such a kind act to give of your time and self to help someone else!

If you have a heart to donate and are healthy, you can find a donation location by going on the Red cross website.

Here’s the Red Cross link for your convenience.

Kate with her Mom, Lindsay Stephenson

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