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February 25, 2018

Baby Carina on her blessing day, at 6 days.

New baby Henry having a cuddle

Tricia’s pregnant belly was so outstanding (in the very literal sense) I had to share it. The baby blessing and  family photo were taken 6 days later. After just two weeks, Tricia had lost 30 pounds.

I tried to shed the pounds that were creeping back, but the older I get, the harder it gets.

So I joined Weight Watchers (again) I like it because I don’t feel hungry and eat a balanced diet. It’s a lot easier to eat just one cookie when you know you are going to take a hit in points for every bite.  If you are thinking of joining, do it the DAY BEFORE you go grocery shopping.

There is a free app issued by the US government called “My Plate” that is similar to the old version of Weight Watchers. It can work if you’re diligent, but I think Weight Watchers is much easier. Probably the most important difference is the free foods. You can fill up on 0 point foods and even when eating as much of those foods as you want, calories tend to remain low. They’ve added some free foods that are good protein sources that make it satisfying. The tracking has been streamlined and simplified, too, so it’s easier than before.

No, this is NOT a paid endorsement!

Next, how to be humble:

Two new grandbabies have joined the Stephenson family. Jeff and I spent a total of three weeks travelling and visiting (and hopefully helping.) I don’t think there is anything more profound or spiritual than holding a newborn baby. I feel the love of our Heavenly Father so abundantly and my gratitude is deep!

While there, Tricia commented that when she visited other families she came away grateful that her children are easier than most. Both her older kids were in their naps at the moment. Three-year-old McCoey had said he wasn’t tired and Tricia had allowed him to take paper and crayons into his nap to sit at the little table and color while Gracie slept.

She should have frisked him first. After about an hour, we heard a bit of stirring and Jeff peeked in. He noticed that Grace was out of her pack n play. He quietly shut the door and then checked again a moment later when we heard more stirring. Grace was in her pack n play. But McCoey was hiding behind the pack n play. That’s when Jeff noticed the Gracie-sized hole in the mesh wall of the pack n play.

We soon noticed that McCoey had a pair of safety scissors in his hand.

I asked him if he had cut the hole in the pack n play and the little saint said, “I don’t think so.” I pressed a little more and Grace (who is 2) was accused. I pressed a little more and he said, “well, maybe I did.”

Tricia got up from her nap and immediately noticed that McCoey had a new haircut.

As she picked up the tufts from the corner of the bedroom, she realized that not only were there tufts of McCoey’s hair, Gracie’s hard earned golden curls were mixed in, too!

Grace has been follicularly challenged but has finally (at age 2) achieved some delicately curling hair on the back of her head and some on top… He left the one curl on top. I suppose if she can grow it once, she can do it again.

McCoey is usually a very helpful and polite little person. But new babies rock everybody’s worlds. He may yet grow up to be a fine, upstanding man like George Washington, (who is said to have admitted cutting down the cherry tree,). I wonder if part of the story is that first he blamed it on his sister. . .and THEN his conscience got the better of him. But I wonder if George Washington would have thought to cut off his sister’s few little curls?

Time will tell. I’ll update in about 20 years.

Almost the first thing Kate (Daniel’s daughter) said to me when I got to their house in Texas was, “Grandma, you look bigger than the last time I saw you.”

Why is it fine for me to say that to her, but not cool at all that she say the exact same thing to me?

Most of getting older is terrific. Grandkids are great fun and I am profoundly grateful that I can experience this new kind of love.

Maybe the two elements of this post are more related than I had thought. Maybe women are supposed to get soft and cuddly to invite the wee grand little souls to us for a snuggle. Maybe a little extra cushioning isn’t the worst thing…

Kate, Grandma and Andy in the Ft. Worth Stockyards



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