Romney didn’t get in a stink fight with a skunk for a reason!

October 25, 2012
You folks who are thinking that Romney copped out at the third debate are ignoring a very important factor in the whole discussion. In the second debate, Obama stated an outright lie (about calling Bengazi consulate deaths an act of terror) and said he was offended and insulted for Romney disbelieving it.
 Now that I’ve heard the speech in the Rose Garden that he was referring to, Obama was making a bald faced lie. The whole Bengazi situation is clearly a bold and reckless coverup. There’s proof, in the form of State department testimony, emails and actual video footage that prove that Obama knew AS IT HAPPENED that it was a terror attack. But he did not in any way identify the incident as such for two full weeks and even then he equivocated. Worse is the fact that he knew IN TIME TO SEND HELP for the embattled men, AND DIDN’T!
 What I want to know is how did Obama even know about the video he blamed, since there was no indication in the intelligence that anyone in the middle east had seen it. Who paid the bloke out on parole to make a video? Who supplied the cameras and footage? Why is the guy still in custody? Why haven’t reporters had access to him? I think Obama concocted the video in advance ‘just in case’ there was an embarassing attack that showed the truth about terrorist organizations being as strong as ever.
So when the moderator jumped in to defend Obama’s version of what he said, she had apparently been primed for that response and perpetrated the lie.
 Now Joe Biden should be very angry because in HIS debate he said they thought it was a video all that time because that was the “best intelligence we had.” Shouldn’t someone have told HIM that they thought it was terror the very next day?  For that matter, if Obama DID mean that it was terror the very next day, why did HE himself, in his very own words on national TV say that he didn’t know and that he thought the mysterious video was to blame? IF they thought it was terror, why did the White HOuse spokesboy say it was a video to blame, why did Hilary say it was a video to blame and WHY or WHY did Ms. Rice go on 5 shows that Sunday saying it was a video to blame. I think it was down right rude of Obama to leave them in total ignorance when apparently he knew it was terror all along. Me oh my Mr. Obama you’re not very nice to your friends.
WHO was the first person to suggest that a video had anything to do with it. Stand up and confess!! Certainly if it’s true that someone in the intelligence community said it, someone knows who said it first!
Of course after agreeing that Obama called it terror the next day, the moderator of the second debate retracted almost immediately after the debate. But the damage had been done.
So in the third debate, except in a few instances where Obama misstated Romney’s own statements, Romney could not directly correct the president because Obama had shown himself ready and willing to say anything that would save face regardless of the truth. Romney was forced to expect that the moderator would also agree with Obama, regardless of the truth. Go down the list of fact checks from the debate and you’ll see that the only one that told whoppers was Obama himself. Even his pal David Letterman expressed disgust that Obama had blatantly lied about Romney’s position on the car company’s bailout. When Obama said “Check the record,” he didn’t expect anyone to actually follow through.
 So what good would it do for Romney to bring up facts and figures if Obama is willing to call him a liar and likely be supported momentarily by the moderator? You say that Romney should have hit him with the facts to engage in debate, but that had been shown impossible when Obama feels no obligation to use the truth as the accepted premise of the argument.
Take for instance the statement the Obama quoted that says that Obama said “if we got Osama Bin Laden in our sights, we’d take him out. Romney said he wouldn’t move heaven and earth to get Bin Laden.” Phrasing it that way makes it seem like Obama was committed to taking him out. But he also had the attitude that it wasn’t worth huge amount of risk or treasure to take out one man, but “if we got him in the sights. . . ” Either statement by either man could have been a continuation of the others’ statement. Ironically, George W. Bush’s policies and decisions made it possible for ANYONE to get Bin Laden, and it just happens that the pay out for those decisions came under Obama’s watch. I wonder if the earth would crack apart if Obama said, “Thanks to my predecessor, we got Bin Laden.”
And lastly, Barak Obama doesn’t claim to be Baptist, but merely “Christian”. The church he attended, while extremely militant in its stances, is the United Trinity Church of Christ. I doubt that it is affiliated with the Church of Christ, since they are very conservative and Wright’s church doesn’t apparently adhere to their doctrines. But Obama has distanced himself very deliberately from his long-time friend and “spiritual leader” since the first election, an action that Rev. Wright says has dismayed and disappointed him. So Obama says he’s Christian, but it is apparently more of a political issue for him than a matter of conviction. I could find no instance when he said that he prays. He merely said that he believes in prayer. He said it only when he was speaking in the south to a largely Christian audience. His surrogates later criticized Romney for running for president after praying long and hard. Ann urged him to do it, though he was more reluctant, knowing the slanders and misrepresentations he’d have to endure.
I would love to see someone stick to Obama and reveal his lies, but must be content that his fruits will reveal his true agenda. I think that Romney was wise to use the time to present himself instead of getting in a stink fight with a skunk. He would have ended up just as smelly as Obama if he had let himself be engaged by the president’s petty attacks.
  My PRAYER is that the lovers of freedom VOTE! Lovers of truth, VOTE!

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