The truth about Leftlist policy and rhetoric

October 1, 2012
 I have recently read some autobiographies about the Mao Zedong “Cultural Revolution” and the Russian move to communism during WW2. In those instances, where millions upon millions of citizens were purged, they were clear about their purposes. You’ll recognize the correlation in current USA policies.
 First was to bring down the rich. Government seized productive farms and businesses, or sacked them mafia style. This was done in the name of ‘evening out the wealth’. It was highly successful. The entire nation, other than high government officials were plunged into poverty and starvation. The error that the population that supported them didn’t anticipate was that once confiscated, they had killed the goose that laid the golden eggs and there was no more market for their products. The economy collapsed.
Second, Mao demanded the destruction of cultural values and tradition. Millions of books, libraries, ancient architecture, and religious structures were destroyed.Children were taught in Govt run schools to revolt against their parents and rewarded for humiliating them. Vicious gangs of youth were supported by the Chinese military to punish and torture the elderly and those they had been taught to respect. Genealogies going back hundreds of generations were burned in the streets.  So by destroying the traditional values that keep a society stable from generation to generation, they destroyed the roots and patriotism that might keep it from changing into a new world order.” WW2 filled the function in many ways for the Russians.
 Third, private property was a ‘sin’ against the people. So precious family heirlooms were stolen by ‘student’ bands of govt. authorized thieves. Personal property was said to somehow damage society in general. The horrid thing, too, is that billions of dollars of personal wealth were destroyed. They weren’t just stored in some giant warehouse to be retrieved with their society was right side up, they were smashed and burned in the streets.
 Fourth, scholarship and intellectualism was condemned. The best students previously were humiliated and forced into mundane factory jobs with the lowest, most ignorant and lowest intelligence governing them. Forced govt. sponsored abortions were used to trim the populations.
 All of this is reflected in the rhetoric from the left of which Obama is the leftest of the left. Al Gore tells middle school children that they need to teach their parents how our society ought to be run. High School students who speak up in favor of traditional family values are openly criticized and humiliated. Homosexual behaviors are tolerated in the halls of the high schools. Our president freely admits to doing drugs “enthusiastically” and admits to being in haze through high school. He reports these things not with shame or admonition, but with the careless, hip attitude who could engage in all these dangerous things without apparently consequences.
He actively advocates that the public should pay for all abortions, even viable fetuses in the process of being born. He argued against the comfort policies for babies born alive if the mother’s intention was to kill them before birth. He is indeed a wicked man! He has been A.W.O.L. on foreign policy when strength is the only stabilizing pressure in the world.
The Book of Mormon gives a blueprint for societal decay and when we’re following that decay, we know the consequence is destruction. Churches will not endorse a particular candidate, because that would be to endorse their policies and opinions and judgement overall, and that would not be appropriate from the viewpoint of either the church or the state. It could also harm them in the public view, if an endorsement were thought to have strings attached. Further, churches must protect their tax exempt status and becoming active in campaigns rather than issues could endanger that.
But members can observe and speak up and point out the things that harm religion and the religious, as well as society in general.
In my facebook comment, I chose those two models very specifically for the parallel situation. Amalakiah gained power by subtlety, giving a false agenda, misrepresenting himself. He came from a different background than the people he wished to rule, but tuned in to their sensibilities to get support. He was all about power.  Obama has used these approaches very similarly. There are mountains of garbage included in the health care bill that have nothing to do with health, but everything to government control —power. He was not raised in America, nor to have American values, but he is expert in appealing to the lowest common denominator in our society—the desire to get something for nothing. He is also constantly criticizing the “big money” backing Romney, but is perfectly happy to accept mammoth checks from the far left wealthy. He has usurped stunning amount of control through establishing and building bureaucratic agencies that bypass constitutional balance of power. By weakening the judiciary, he has over weighted his own power. He didn’t do it alone.
Everyone that has known Romney vouches that he is not only an honest, capable, intelligent, man, but that his life has been one of service and generosity and Christian values. Take a look at his tax return that has been so criticized. Of his total income, he kept a much smaller percentage for himself than Obama ever did. Happily, charitable donations are tax deductible.
His speech when he withdrew from the 2008 campaign was a rally call to support the cause of freedom. That inspiring speech brought to mind Captain Moroni’s Title of Liberty very succinctly.
 I’ve read what he has written and I’ve listened to his explanations of his policies as a governor and find that he has been true to himself and to our country. He did not allow his personal conviction that abortion is wrong (which he never said otherwise) to prevent him from winning an election in a state that is very left leaning. His state gave him extremely high approval ratings. He never endorsed govt. funded abortions, but he did say that he would not try to overturn it, because that was not the will of the people.

By their fruits, ye shall know them. We are called to beware of those who would deceive and oppress. Jesus said to judge righteously. He directed us to look at their fruit. That alone makes the most eloquent argument of all.   

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