Ultimate Food Gift Chocolate Fruit and Nut Cake updated RECIPE

December 3, 2021

To a mixing bowl add

1 cup all purpose flour

1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour (can use all purpose flour instead)

2/3 cup cocoa powder

2 1/4 cup sugar

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 cups sweetened flaked coconut (I toast it until brown in the oven first)

1 cup chopped walnuts

(opt: 1 cup chopped pecans)

Opt (1/2 cup toasted chopped almonds)

(I add all three types of nuts if I have them on hand. Any proportions is fine)

1 cup drained crushed pineapple

3 large eggs

1 1/2 mashed bananas

1 1/2 cups vegetable oil

1 cup dried cranberries

(opt) 1 cup chopped dates. (mine were a little hard, so I microwaved them for a minute in hot water.)

1 Tablespoon vanilla

Mix until blended.

Can be baked in a greased and floured bundt pan for 50 minutes.

For molded cakes, pour into an 11×15 greased pan. (Line with parchment paper if you’re in the mood.) Wrap sides of pan with a strip of wet towel and fasten with a safety pin. Let sit for a few minutes while the oven preheats to 350 and then bake for 45 minutes in center of oven.

Let cool completely. See shaping them to tins here; https://youtu.be/e1rqjiGtP_8

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