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December 2, 2017

My friend Suzanne asked me for the food list I made a few years back.I didn’t find the exact list but a general sketch toward the bottom of  “How does a Pauper live like a prince? Budgeting can be fun.” (search for it on the homepage) There’s another one on the same theme titled “Saving money in the OKC area.” That one is somewhat outdated because food is actually less expensive now than it was.

My goal was to live for a month on $70 (for four people) and I managed it.

I can give a quick overview from memory. We ate beans, rice, potatoes, corn tortillas and pasta. I made everything from scratch. I kept fresh bananas,  onions, carrots, potatoes, cabbage and frozen broccoli, and peas  on hand.

All meat was served in a sauce or soup and always prepared it with chopped onions.

I made cookies or brownies from scratch and sent some in packed lunches each day.

I made homemade bread.

We had a box of powdered milk on hand and always had a loaf of bread in the freezer. This helps prevent an emergency run to the store

I bought 4 dozen eggs at the beginning of the month and sometimes served omelets for dinner.

For breakfasts, we ate oatmeal, other hot cereals, toasted homemade-bread and sometimes made-from-scratch cocoa. Every breakfast contained a starch and milk.

Meat was used only for dinners. Lunches were generally peanut butter sandwiches or tomato soup with chili added, or leftovers.

Dinners were spaghetti, chili with corn bread, gravy over mashed potatoes, tacos (sometimes stretched with taco flavored TVP) Pulled Barbeque pork over rice.

If I find the exact list with numbers of each item, I’ll repost.





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