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February 21, 2017

Just a couple of interesting tips that all my travel-loving readers MUST know. Jeff has lots of tricks in finding a great fare and getting fares reduced for travel-both tours and cruises.

He booked a tour several months ago for a tour that goes to China and Thailand. It’s a Group-on deal that spans 11 days. It includes air fare, lodging, food and some excursions. Jeff added riding elephants on the River Kwai excursion and one to the Great Wall. The sum total for the whole trip is about $1400 apiece! elephants

The last cruise we took, he booked the Mediterranean for a decent price off of Cruise Compete.  But as time went on, the price dropped. So Jeff asked the travel company, Best Price Cruises to reduce the fair which they did, TWICE! Right before we left, he saw that they were offering a last minute deal for a balcony room for the price we’d paid for an inside room. So he contacted  the cruise line one more time and asked them if we could have a balcony room instead. They agreed! Luxury room for an inside, last minute price.


DSC02874  Me at the Acropolis in Athens Greece

But we’ve been permanently trumped by our daughter-in-law Kelsi. She surprised our son, Brian with a trip that goes to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Athens, Tel Aviv, Rome and Morocco. It flies out of LA and the total airfare is $300 each. YES that’s round trip! She got a night in the Hilton in Copenhagen for $25.




So how did Kelsi the travel superhero do it. She used Kayak and went to the button at the bottom of the page marked “Explorer.” It brings up a map and you can pull back and get the whole world. If you change your “home airport” to one of the major hub airports, you’ll notice the fares drop dramatically.  When we went on last night, there were fares to a Scandinavian country, for less than $400. There was a fare from SFO to London for about $450. Some of the fares were truly amazing. So if you’re flexible and want to explore all the world, (without a certain destination that you MUST go to), you can get some astonishing deals. There were fares from the west coast to Hawai’i for less than $400 round trip!!!!!

My world just got smaller! Where are we going to go?




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