I Never Would Have Believed That I Would Feel This Way

November 9, 2016

I changed my mind a few days ago. I voted for Trump.  In my mind, the worst of all scenarios was a win by Hillary Clinton. Her presidency was sworn to be a continuation of Obama, a man who I believe intended to destroy our freedom, sabotage the American economy and seize complete power over the citizens by disabling the blue collar or potential blue collar workers by deincentivizing  them through entitlement programs. She was the woman who accepted full responsibility for what happened in Bengazi. She was the one that refused to send help when they were under attack. She apparently ordered the “stand down” policy to the rescuers. For Hillary Clinton, there was no price too high to protect her political future. American lives were pawns for her to move or dispose of like chess pieces. Support for Black Lives Matter, who’s agenda is anti-law enforcement,  a movement that only promotes violence and hatred and destruction in already blighted neighborhoods showed that she was willing to even sacrifice the well-being of her loyal constituents if it was politically expedient.

Mike Pence was definitely an asset to Trump. It also hinted that he was capable of being wise in choosing stable humans.

But that wasn’t what switched me from voting for McMullin. I was becoming increasingly uneasy with a complete lack of mission statement from McMullin. “Not Trump” became his watch cry which was an implicit vote for Hillary. That was his intention. But that wasn’t enough to tip me away. He was obviously a more moral and sane man than either of the candidates. The double-daily solicitations in my email never seemed to say anything but that morality demanded a vote for McMullin. I began to wonder who and what he really was. What were his intentions ?

Eventually he stated that defeating Trump was his purpose. So he thought of himself as a Hillary surrogate. I began to wonder who was paying him. But all those doubts were still not conclusive.

Two things tipped me. My mother pointed out that historically, many presidents have been equally morally deficit as Trump, but still have done good in the country. Kennedy is an example of a man without a moral center, but he had a backbone and did some important and beneficial things. I have seen the pattern in my own life. Sometimes, even often, The Lord uses evil people or flawed people’s evil acts to bless me. It doesn’t always feel that way immediately, but with opposition comes the development of strength. It seemed that with Trump, good could come of his abilities and strengths.

The second thing was something I’d known all along. I heard a talk show host explaining the known facts of the broad sweeping corruption of Hillary. He was listing the known payments from hostile countries to the Clinton Foundation. I realized that beyond any doubt, if we elected Hillary Clinton, our president would be owned by our enemies. She owes them and her greed and lust for power has known no limits. But the list of other politicians, all of them known to be utterly corrupt, that were her close cronies showed that the American political system was gangrenous. I suspect that party boundaries are not relevant.

Trump is not politically correct. He is utterly invulnerable to blackmail because he doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what he is. He doesn’t care who knows it. He’s wealthy enough for me to be comfortable saying that he probably hasn’t sold out to the puppetmasters.

As sickened as I would have been after the first Primary debates if I had known that Trump would be our president, I think, I hope, that he can “drain the swamp.” Maybe we really can start over. Maybe we’ll be able to unload some of the oppressive regulation and red tape like the DoE and dozens of other bureaucracies. If employment surges, which I’m confident that it will with businesses and manufacturing being able to afford to come home, those bureaucrats will have different employment to turn to and the growth and prosperity may be exponential.

Our enemies that want to destroy us will fear us. Our allies will know that we’re not afraid to act in their and our interest.

International chaos that we currently have may not improve. I don’t see that it can get much worse.

The tone he’s taking today is more sane than I’ve ever heard him. That’s promising. Could it be that he deliberately put forth a crazyman persona for publicity sake? PT Barnum is purported (falsely, by the way) to have said, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”He was able to get more free publicity with his outrageousness than Hillary could buy. Even his enemies have reported that in person he’s charming, polite and intelligent.

Donald Trump the ultimate show-biz guru? Maybe. Congratulations Mr. Trump. We’ll be praying for you to succeed and help solve the grave issues that face this God blessed nation.

And I’m still glad that Pence is standing nearby.


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  • Reply Wendy Bills November 9, 2016 at 11:42 am

    Loved your piece, Beth. We voted for Trump, too. The more I learned about McMullin, the more I felt that he was only working to try to sabotage the will of the people. He was not running long enough to be properly vetted. For me, the appointment of Supreme Court justices was critical. Justices who legislate from the bench would change the face of our nation for generations. I could not stomach that thought.
    I voted for Trump because:
    He has a spine. He is not going to tell our enemies beforehand what he is going to do. He will be tough on immigration and terrorism. As a businessman, he will have the abilities to examine our government entities and quickly recognize the many places where we have duplication of services and hence, duplication of administration and wasted tax dollars. He recognizes how regulations cripple businesses and creativity. We are praying for his success and inspiration. We are praying for his ability to reach across the aisle and work together with Democrats to solve the many problems facing our nation.
    Thanks for sharing a great blog and insight.

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