Our little Miracle Girl

December 7, 2015

I have been abundantly blessed in the last few weeks and in very unexpected ways.

Tricia had her baby girl. Because of Tricia’s age, a thorough ultrasound of the baby was done very early on. It gave bad news. They said the left kidney was either absent or formed in her pelvic area and filled with a cyst. Repeated ultrasounds of the baby confirmed the original diagnosis.

Of course the family joined in prayer for the baby and her safe delivery and a long and happy life.

A spiritual experience changed her momma’s mind about her name. They had planned to name her something traditional with a whimsical twist. After the experience, the whimsical twist was dropped and the middle name was changed. When Tricia looked up the middle name’s meaning, (revealed to her in the experience), she found it meant “bringer of light” or “light-filled.”

(I won’t give the name since this blog is public and safety advisers say not to give info about kids.)

After an arduous delivery, (her head was cocked) and a little trouble with jaundice and blood sugar issues, they got to stage of doing an ultra-sound.

Right kidney, fine. Left kidney, fine. Cyst? Near the bladder. At first they thought it might be a “redundant” bladder. How great is that? A woman with two bladders? But as my sister-in-law Lynda pointed out, they would probably both leak. An additional ultrasound shows that the cyst is not attached to any organ, nor is it positive mutation(extra bladder). She’s peeing and pooping with gusto and after a seemingly painless clip of a tongue-tie, she’s nursing like a champ.

She’s a calm, cheerful little Miss, who gave her first alert smiles (as witnessed by her mommy) to her Grandma Stephenson at 10  days old. The picture is NOT an alert smile, lest you accuse me of not knowing the difference.



Welcome to grandchild number 12!


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