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July 6, 2011
I realize that many of my readers are in different countries, but we Americans have reason to be alarmed.  A mother whose child was found dead in a swamp, wrapped in garbage bags was acquitted of all serious charges. The relevant facts are that she didn’t call for help finding her missing child for a month, nor did the child’s grandmother who lived nearby.
The mother had searched for a poisonous gas on the Internet shortly before the child’s death. The grandmother agreed that there were 80 or more searches, but claimed to have done them herself. She was proven to be lying.
The mother spent every night partying and carousing after the child had vanished. She got a tattoo. Even after she was arrested, before the body was found, she expressed no interest whatever in finding her child.
She was “not guilty” of neglect. She was “not guilty” of abuse. If she was not a neglectful mother, why was she unconcerned with the whereabouts of her child? The circumstantial evidence was overwhelmingly against her. No reasonable person could doubt. I SAW portions of the testimony that were untrue, and if she lied about her actions, shouldn’t the truth be sought until proven beyond reasonable doubt? Doesn’t that sweet, innocent little girl deserve it?
Juxtaposed against that case is the case of the man here in OK where robbers came into his store waving guns and shouting for him to give them his money or die. He shot one of them with a gun he kept legally in the store and the other thief ran away. The incident was caught on a security camera. He chased the second thief but didn’t catch him. When he returned to the store,(it is a pharmacy) the man he’d shot didn’t show on the camera, but he says he started to get up, and the owner (the pharmacist) shot him several more times.
The pharmacist was just convicted of first degree murder.
He had been robbed at gunpoint before and somewhat crippled. He’d responded by arming himself and installing a security camera.
First degree murder requires premeditation. This man did not know his victim. This man did not do anything to invite or encourage robbery. Oklahoma has a “make my day” law that  says self defense is an acceptable defense if someone threatens you on your own property. I don’t justify him going back and shooting the downed thief to be sure he was dead, but he had every reason to expect more trouble if he didn’t be sure the robber was incapacitated. I’m thinking aggravated manslaughter would have been pretty well on target.
Someone explain to me how the murdered child’s mother goes free with overwhelming evidence that she at least knew her child was missing and failed to act at all for a month, and then lied and lied and lied to the police, and has never explained truthfully what she thought happened to the child.
A man who owns a store and protects it with a legal weapon from armed robbers will spend the rest of his life in prison.
Kasey Anthony has been offered loads of money for her story.  If she can get it straight, it will be on TV and somebody will pay big bucks to air it. WE MUST BOYCOTT THAT PROGRAM! WE MUST BOYCOTT THE ADVERTISERS! That woman may profit from her evil acts, but we have the power to punish those who give her that profit. PLEASE FORWARD with a note recommending that all join the boycott! (Use the link at the side to forward to your email contacts or facebook friends)

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