Change is constant

January 31, 2020

It seems to me that not only is change in circumstances a constant in my life and probably in all humanity, it’s a healthy thing. Here are a number of things/opinions that are or have changed for me.

I have competely reversed my opinion of Mitt Romney. I was devastated when he lost the presidential election. I felt it was the last hope for America. I heard this morning that he voted for more witnesses, eager to prolong the witch hunt as long as he can. Apparently, he has no sense of justice. The impeachment articles don’t even cite a crime! The witnesses are all offering their opinion about what was in President Trumps mind.

The huge irony is that the more I hear of what Trump has done concerning international relationships and diplomacy, the more I respect him. I have gone from being a never Trumper to voting for him in the last election to an actual supporter. His speeches generally drive me crazy, but his actions speak louder than his words, and that takes some doing.

I believe that Trump’s background in show business has prepared him for the presidency better than anyone. He manages to stay in the news every single day. Like PT Barnum (??) said, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

The most effective weapon the media could use agaisnt him would be their silence. Mocking, hating, alleging unfounded crimes only allows him to contradict them in front of a gossip loving citizenry.

I’ve watched a fair amount of the trial from both democrats and the Defense, and I fear greatly for this nation that the Democrats got as far as they did. They have no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution. Then Romney votes for more witnesses. That’s prosecutor saying to the jury: If you’re not convinced that this man is guilty, you must go interview, research and talk yourself into agreeing with me. Pelosy even says that it’s impossible for him to be aquitted because the jury didn’t go out and seek evidence.

In truth, Trump can’t be acquitted because he has not been accused of any crime. The democrats have built thier case on a disagreement on the way the President does his job. But even they couldn’t find a single accusation of wrongdoing that they could actually prove.

Obviously, they felt no need to prove anything. If they were confident that they could, they would have allowed the President to defend himself. Trump totally overturned their conspiracy when he released the transcript. Further, the Ukranian President, a former Democratic ally publicly proclaimed that he had NO notion of a quid pro quo.

The Democrats declared on the VERY DAY that Trump won election that they would impeach him. They reached a verdict before he even had a chance to do anything wrong. Pelosi promised that Trump would be so tied up in investigations that he would be unable to govern. That was their plan, that is what they have done. Except that Trump has thumbed his nose at them and gone ahead and done what previous politician presidents didn’t have the courage or the will to do.

Trumps impeachment is an utter disgrace. I would be ASHAMED if it was my party, no matter how much I disliked the President. I’m disgusted with any Americans (in this case Democrats and the media) who enjoy all the blessings of this great nation but have no scruples about trashing our Consitutional form of government.

More to the point, I watch our elected officials and use this as a test of corruption. If they were not corrupt, they would stand up on the side of justice.

Romney, I”m ashamed of you. You turned out to be exactly what your Republican opponents said: a Fair Weather Politician with wavering, weak principles. I deleted the old pictures of you and me together (Romney was campaigning and we happened to be there). I will work to make sure that you never win another Utah election.

GOODNESS, it feels good to write about politics once in a while. I try to keep my column, Americana, completely positive, inspiring and informative. But there are no rules but my own for Chocolate Cream Centers!

On a more personal note: My mother is moving back to Utah after spending three years in my sister Mary’s care in Montana. She will be living in an Assisted Living facility in Lehi. I think it will be a good arrangement for her, and I’m looking forward to spending much more time with her.

We have two new grandbabies on the way so far this year.

Jeff has planned a marathon trip that will start in Switzerland, move to France, with a side trip to Monaco, and possibly Belgium and from there go on a Baltic cruise that visits Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Estonia , Finland and Russia. We’ll be gone more than a month.

On a trip we took in December, I heard the story of how a violinist achieved her extreme skill. I realized that perhaps, with persistent practice, I could become a competent pianist. Since the last week in December, I have practicing the piano every day for about an hour. I got my piano tuned, and am improving steadily. I don’t know what level I can reach, but I am enjoying it every day for the first time in my life.

I’m back to studying Spanish every day, too, using the Duolingo app.

More next week about some of the surprises on our trip to the Holy Land.

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