The Electoral College for Dummies

December 6, 2016

I’ll keep it simple. If we get rid of the electoral college, or nullify their votes, we destroy our nation. Here’s why.

The different segments of our diverse population have very different and contracting, even conflicting interests.  Take for instance the folks pooping on Wall street in New York. The Wall street protesters were protesting capitalism. True we eventually learned that they were recruited and paid to sit in and camp on the streets, but we must assume that some of them are true socialists, believing in the concept that many should work for the benefit of those that don’t want to work. (The modern application of American socialism) Lets say that there are 501 of these young gentlemen and ladies who have no other gainful employment.

Broken clouds mean a change of weather. I think that’s what we’re in for nationally, but I think it’s a good thing.


In a midwestern state, there are 500 hypothetical wheat farmers. Their crops represent 68% of the entire world’s wheat production and approximately 1/3 of the world’s population depends on their wheat to sustain life. (statistics are all hypothetical, I don’t know precise numbers)

They all go to the polls. The bums on Wall street vote for a candidate that will ban GMO wheat. Virtually all of the wheat grown in the world is GMO wheat because of modern virus’s and funguses that would otherwise have caused international famine. But the protesters know NOTHING about where their Big Macs come from. They know nothing about the science of GMO’s and they don’t even know that nature produces GMO’s spontaneously to give the scientists a starting point for reproducing disease resistant food plants.

The 500 farmers know that the earth will be plunged into famine if GMO’s are banned, so vote entirely against the man or woman who wants to ban them. But the Occupy wallstreet folks outnumber the farmers and without an electoral college, they succeed in  electing a person who will proceed with the ban.

On the other hand, what if the numerous people of Texas vote to limit the height of a building allowed to 10 stories. Texas is prone to hurricanes but NYC, not so much. But Texas doesn’t want to pay high FEMA bills so they make the law and NYC has to knock down hundreds of skyscrapers. As it is, the votes of the Texans represent the interest of Texans through the leveling effect of the Electoral college.

The electoral college gives the vote to the candidate that each county or district majority votes for. So the varied states have different interests but equal representation.

Every electoral vote that went for Hillary Clinton did because the majority of that state voted for her.

Every electoral vote that went for Trump did because the majority of that state voted for him.

There are a few states that divide the votes by the number of counties won, but that isn’t statistically relevant in this case.

The founders anticipated the varied needs in different states. The majority winner of each STATE takes the whole body of electoral votes.  So each state’s majority’s needs are represented nationally.

California is a state that demonstrates what would happen if there was no electoral college. There are farmers in the Central Valley  and along the coasts whose votes don’t really count.   The liberal that wins the state of California takes all the electoral votes. Yet those farmers have very different needs than the people living in the slums of LA and the Bay Area who overwhelmingly vote for the candidate the promises the most freebee s. Those people are more numerous than the farmers, and each person receives one vote.  The inner-city folk will learn too late that they should have protected the farmers’ interests.

The electoral college protects all citizens from the ignorance and selfishness of their fellow citizens. It protects all American’s from flukes or whims of nature determining an election.

Remember, my fellow Americans, we have a democratic republic. We don’t have a democracy. The ability of a republic to protect its minority interests through representation  is crucial to our freedoms and productivity.  Protecting the interests of all citizens and states’ rights is truly in the best interest of all Americans.



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