If I flinched when I shook your hand, it wasn’t you!

November 2, 2016

Son Scott displays his pumpkin carving art work. This is my political statement before I go on to rattle about myself.

I wrote about a bike accident I had a couple of months ago. I was attempting to “catch air” at a bike park near my house after watching my son and his kids sail over the jumps with ultimate ease.
My new-to-me Raleigh bucked me right over the handlebars.
I was pretty banged up but the most concerning thing was that I got all disoriented and confused. After an ambulance ride to the hospital and a careful look at my noggin, they said I had a concussion but that I would be okay. My hand was hurting so they X-rayed that, too.
The Xray was negative. But my hand kept hurting. The mild swelling went down, but now, after all this time, it’s still sore in the exact same place.
Beside that, my knee is all grooved and ridged, and I have no feeling in the skin over the kneecap. It hurts a lot if it’s bumped or rubbed with any pressure. It has a lot of fluid sloshing around, too and that worried me.
I went to an orthopedic surgeon for help on getting it all to settle down.
There is indeed a small fracture in my hand. But it’s probably the tendinitis that’s causing the current pain.
The kneecap is in good shape but there’s also inflammation in the area. It’s the tendons that attach to the kneecap that are damaged/groovy.
So, I have an excuse to rest my hand.
And my knee.
As I left the doctor’s office, I THINK he said not to lift anything bigger than a bonbon, unless it’s a dark chocolate almond cluster.
I must protect my health, after all.
And truthfully, I was worried that he’d put me in a cast so that I couldn’t finish the basement projects.
I hung the cupboards and microwave in the kitchen on Monday. . . I cut my hair before I went to the appointment.

I’m ready for company. . .and bonbons!

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