Decision on the Election.

October 16, 2016

In my newspaper column, Americana, I am committed to write only about the good and great things, people, places, tradition and history of America. But I don’t hold this blog to that same standard.

A few friends and family have been asking me what I’m going to do about the election.

I have come to a decision after lengthy consideration.

I would never vote for a corrupt politician like Hillary Clinton. But it’s not only the shady, dishonest money laundering through the Clinton Foundation, nor the sleazy, way she’s treated the women that complained about her sexual predator husband, nor her enabling of his evil lifestyle. It’s not the careless, selfish, treasonous behavior concerning national security as was affected by her circumventing inspection by using a private server for her email. It’s that she blamed some obscure video posted online by an unknown movie maker for Benghazi. She refused to call it a terror attack and let those men die to save her political hide. She lied to the grieving families, still pretending for the flashing cameras. She took advantage of the photo ops, but wouldn’t tell them the truth. She’s corrupt of course, but that was flat out evil.

The obvious alternative is Donald Trump. I don’t know how the evil imps managed to eliminate all the qualified, moral, intelligent candidates that started in this race over a year ago.  I didn’t think he’d last a month. But he’s just bizarre enough to appeal to those who realize that if we don’t do something drastic soon, there will be no hope for this nation. Debt and moral decay as well as the decay of the work ethic will destroy our nation unless we fix it.

Donald Trump has gotten where he is by being rude, bombastic, and by giving the press so much fodder for comment that they can’t avoid covering his latest crazy talk. He brags publicly about groping women. No matter how hard the apologists try to say that this dust up is a political stunt, he said it himself and it’s perfectly in character. He’s gotten where he is through ruthless maneuvering in the business world. He doesn’t hide it. Trump said he had never repented because he’d never done anything that  needed to be repented of. The man is mentally ill, or possibly merely enjoying Narcissistic Personality Disorder. (People with NPD, like Hitler, don’t suffer from it, they enjoy thinking they are the most important person alive.) 

I can not cast a vote for a man who I believe is an amoral lunatic.

Romney would have fixed it. He knew what needed to be done and how to do it. His moral compass pointed true north. But Romney isn’t a factor this time around.

I don’t like the Libertarian stance on legalizing everything, including drugs and abortions. They’ve gone terribly wrong in thinking that those evils should be permitted to masquerade as liberties.

I like what I hear from Evan McMullin.

I don’t expect him to win. Not because he’s less qualified or less politically adept, but that not enough people will know about him. His resume is every bit as sterling as Mitt Romney’s was and he has experience in both business and international affairs.  But he seems to be a moral man. He seems to have good ideas and a proper temperament to lead people. He doesn’t seem to be corrupt or cowardly, nor is he crazy or a predator. I wish I could say as much for the leading candidates.

I do believe in miracles. But since God will never send a blessing counter to the desire of a society, it’s up to us to try to elect a good person and let the Lord send a miracle to help us.

This is the only way forward that I can embrace with a clear conscience.

I’m going to vote for Evan McMullin. I donated a little money, too.

Read up on who he is. He’s unknown, but he’s a first rate candidate. He’s well prepared. He’s a blessed relief!

Please forward this in your social media. We need to get bloggers talking about this man.  If we can thwart the traditional media tactics by thoughtful people using social media to overpower the paid pundits, we can still save this election from the Crazy Elephant and the Rabid Donkey.

Lets make a miracle!



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