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July 24, 2016

Sunset off my back patio earlier this week. Unedited photo.

This has been a week of fun stories.  I won’t tell the details of the story our neighbor told us about how he bought a ring for his wife before he actually went on a date with her. . .

But today in Relief Society, a gal told a story about how she was very stressed out because she was supposed to provide dinner for the Ronald McDonald house. She was worried about the quantity and the menu and dreading the whole event. The night before, she had the thought that she should serve root beer floats instead of the Costco cookies she had planned. She argued with the thought saying that it would add expense and inconvenience.

But the thought came to her again, even stronger, so she decided to just go with it and bought the cups, spoons, ice cream and root beer for floats instead of cookies.

A neighbor thought to relieve her stress the day of the event and brought over a basket of goodies for the kids and hubby to have while she was away.

The meal went smoothly. The menu was well received, and there was plenty for everyone.

But when they were serving the root beer floats, a grandmother came up to her and explained that her granddaughter was “full of cancer”. She was scheduled to have surgery the next day to remove as much as they could. The grandmother had asked her granddaughter earlier that day if she could have anything in the world to eat, what would she want.

You guessed it. She wanted a root beer float.

Isn’t it fine that our loving Heavenly Father cares so much about his children that he gives inspiration to one of his daughters to satisfy a craving of another that especially needed to know He was aware of her. What an honor to be a vessel of His love!

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