A Carpet Miracle!

February 5, 2016

It’s silly to excited about something as mundane as carpet. But DARN I wish I’d taken “before” pictures. I was convinced that we’d need to re-carpet several areas of our home. We had the missionaries living upstairs for a year and with one particular set, I couldn’t figure out why they rearranged the furniture. . .

In their defense, some of the stains were the result of my not protecting the carpet as I should. In fact, I put a white board under the little fridge, so if something spilled, it would not soil the carpet. Of course the back of the white board left a chemical stain on the carpet that was worse than anything they could have spilled. What’s the opposite of serendipity? Murphy’s law, I guess.

So I patched the place myself.

I did a decent job, for a rank amateur. I tried misting another spot from the same cause with bleach. It looked better than the bright orange. . .but the white spot just stood out less, (Olefin carpet is impervious to bleach. . .this wasn’t olefin.)

So I called the OKC/Edmond ChemDry carpet people. I had thought they were only for carpet cleaning but they listed repair, restretching and patching.

We had 3 other rooms plus two large closets that needed restretching.

Voila! Jacob Bondurant is a miracle worker. He was super careful and power stretched everything. He fixed my attempted patch and did three other patches. They’re actually better than new since he uses a superior taping system. (heating the glue via microwave-type beams so that the seam can be perfectly matched and the heat source comes from above.. . no need to disturb the seam with an iron.)

Anyway, now that the carpets a clean and stretched, once the painter finishes with the trim tomorrow, I think we’re ready to list our house.

carpet looks greatIMG_0598

Can you see either patch? It’s not in the foreground in the upstairs picture. I’m so tickled!

IMG_1291IMG_1289extra garage for riding mower and toolsIMG_1293IMG_1296 IMG_1297

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  • Reply Ray February 5, 2016 at 6:03 pm

    What a beautiful home! I’m sorry Holly and I never got there for a visit.

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