Winter in Oklahoma

December 29, 2015

We are very close to the epicenters of a couple of earthquakes that struck this morning. One was a 4.3 and the aftershock was a 3.4. Unnerving.

The news is reporting deadly floods  this morning, too.


Yesterday’s ice storm has made everything beautiful. . .and treacherous.

2015-12-29 10.12.00

The willow tree in her ethereal veil of ice.

2015-12-29 10.15.00

A reflector valiantly standing sentinel.

There were deadly tornadoes in this region (northern TX) a few days ago.

We are NOT in a drought,

We have NOT had a hurricane lately

There are NO volcanoes erupting.

2015-12-29 10.19.27

We have much to be thankful for!

2015-12-29 10.55.122015-12-29 10.11.172015-12-29 10.46.45


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