Gentlemen, (and Carly) Start your engines! (And the rest of you plebes get out now before you’re broke).

August 7, 2015
Being interested in politics and having watched last night’s debate, I was astonished to see some headlines claiming that Trump did well. He’s an obnoxious, snide, bully and comes across as mentally challenged next to his articulate competitors. He seems to believe that his vast wealth justifies his lack of moral clarity and cluelessness on actual solutions. He’s very skilled at calling names and painting himself to be the victim, and he’s an artful dodger. I was ashamed to have him on the Republican stage. I got the shivers when he implied that he would get what he wanted by spending the most money. And I think his attempt to blame Megyn Kelly for his own ugly comments about women, any women, showed his true, ( was it dirty pig, dog face?) colors. EeWWww!

I was sorry that Dr. Carson didn’t get more air time. I really want to hear his ideas and he didn’t get much of a chance to express them. But I’ve admired and loved him for years and feel we couldn’t go far wrong with him, even if he is inexperienced in some areas. He can learn and he will. He, of all the candidates is likely to have solid solutions to the problems faced by the vast underclass of minorities. He was raised in an honest to goodness ghetto and conquered his vast disadvantages by the grace of God. I think he can deliver what Barak Obama promised and utterly failed to give the poor and needy. But weakness on foreign policy will overshadow his domestic recommendations. If you’ve never read “Gifted Hands” you’ve missed something important. It’s terrific!

Ted Cruz is A+ smart, focused, determined, energetic, HONEST with solid integrity. If only he had Rubio’s looks.

Marco Rubio is a smart kid and he’s got the looks, but there’s a little too much veneer. He seems to be trying too hard. I like him. . .but I’m not sure he’s got the incisive understanding to solve the overwhelming problems we face. Next to Jeb Bush, he seems like a callow youth. He sounds a little trite sometimes.

Scott Walker needs a little more veneer. He would do well to learn a few really good uncommon words like “paradigm” and “magnitude” and “superseded” and drop them into his comments for good effect. He’d make a good president and I’d be happy to vote for him.

Christie is a turnoff. I may never forgive him for hugging Obama on the eve of the last election. (And I don’t want to hear about your birth control!) The heated exchange with Rand Paul last night did neither man any good. Too defensive and not enough dignity.

Rand Paul was too snarky and irritable. He seemed desperate. Save your money, Rand and get out now.

Jeb Bush is taller than I realized and he seemed confident and thoughtful. Height equates to dominance in some primordial level (there’s a good word for you, Scott Walker) and I noticed it last night. He didn’t astonish or delight, but he seemed “up to the challenge”. Dumb, I know, but I think that’s how voters think.  I had a more favorable impression of him after the debate than I had going in. He is well-thought-of in his home state and I think he has served Florida well.


John Kasich seemed a little old and tired compared to his competitors. He needed more strength in his voice to gain ground. There was nothing wrong with his comments, he just didn’t shine brightly enough to really notice him and he needs to if he’s going to last through Sept.

I like Carly Fiorina. She’s smart, articulate, unafraid, focused and female. I think she has solid integrity. If Hillary is the Democrat’s choice, she’d whup her and blast the tired old “war on women” line Hillary is trying to resurrect. I don’t favor her because she’s a woman, I just think it would untie Hillary’s shoes to have a female opponent who is vastly successful in business.

I used to like Huckabee. That was before he blasted Romney’s religion and attacked him so personally. Now it strikes me that he uses religion as a political tool rather than a genuine guiding principle in his life. I could be wrong, he could be sincere. But I can’t overcome the feeling that we saw his true colors in his hatefulness toward a righteous, honest and decent Mitt Romney. I can’t trust him.

Overall, I was tickled that they didn’t do too much damage to Hillary. She’s a horrible candidate for the Democrats. Nobody who cares about honesty trusts her. She’s an elitist and a fake. (And cusses like a sailor) I read that she was extremely unpopular with the Secret service and other white house workers when she was the First “Lady.” She’ll be easy to beat. BUT if we beat her up too much too soon, it gives the Dems a chance to choose a better candidate. I think a lot of low information voters would vote for an unknown latecomer ahead of Hillary. But if she’s the candidate, a lot of Democrats will stay home. Let the justice department do their work. Let the truth show her lack of integrity over Bengazi and national security issues. Once they nominate her, have at it.

I was also pleased the there wasn’t too much opponent bashing last night. Everyone except Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Trump showed a lot of class and inspired confidence in conservative values. WE MUST MAINTAIN THAT TONE toward our party members, (except Trump who is a RINO) If you get down and dirty, you may take out your target, but you’ll take yourself out too.  

So folks, here’s my prediction. By the end of August, Trump will be in the single digits. Carly Fiorina will be in the double digits. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Scott Walker will be in the running. They’ll trade the lead around for the next few months while Trump fades completely. The others will continue to have a loyal few but mostly from their home states and relatives. If someone forced me to narrow it further, I’d guess it will come down to Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush.
 Sorry, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and Dr. Carson, it isn’t that I don’t like you, there’s just a certain poise and “sharpness” that seems to be lacking. Rubio is too safe, Dr. Carson isn’t forceful enough and Scott Walker needs to focus on plans instead of record.  Likeablility and being personable are important, but in negotiations with evil leaders around the world, there has to also be forcefulness, too.  Our nation is in such dangerous water that I believe we’ll go for an absolutely safe and confident captain when the pen must be put to paper in the ballot box. I won’t be sorry to be wrong in any of your cases, but I think that’s what it will come down to.
Personally, I’m not donating any money to anybody until the field narrows. The solicitations pour in.  I will never donate to the RNC until they’re  rid of mealy mouthed career politicians that corrupt the cause of freedom and pile on the debt. 

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