Foster to adoption: Marie’s final installment, I’m so glad I’m adopted!

August 3, 2015
This is Marie’s final installment. She’s a young mom now, finding her way through a complicated world like the rest of us. She still has struggles and difficulties, but she’s moving forward and doing her best. I’m so proud of her accomplishments and her faithfulness. Though this last installment is glossy and pretty, it hasn’t been easy for her. But I think the Lord gave her these particular challenges because He knew that she would find a way to thrive.
More and more I find myself saying out loud, “I’m so glad I’m adopted.” I’m relieved that I’m sealed to my family, and that becomes strengthened with each trial my siblings and parents face. So my comment may be a little confusing. Let me clarify.
I’m so glad I’m adopted because I have the gospel in my life. I’m so glad I’m adopted because out of 9 birth siblings/half siblings I am the only one to escape unharmed in any way shape or form. Yeah. I’m pretty awesome.
 I’m so glad I’m adopted because I have been blessed with amazing health.
A few years ago, my older sister Carol passed away. Thanks to a couple of mistakes on the doctors part, the cancer spread, causing her to suffer a slow, tortured death. Our mother’s mom died at an early age from breast cancer as well.
Two months before my oldest was born, my mom suffered a stroke. It killed a large part of her brain, but her brain rewired/rerouted itself as she went through therapy. Pretty incredible, if you ask me. It was because of that stroke that the doctors found that my mother’s heart likes to produce blood clots. It is genetic. She called her brothers, nieces, and nephews. Because of her stroke, her side of the family was tested and found out that her nephew has the same issue. They were able to get him on medication to keep this from happening to him. His doctor says that the discovery may have saved his life, and just in time.
My oldest brother has medical issues with blood clots. They like to form (I think after surgery in each case too) and threaten his life. He recently got his back fused and was terribly sick afterwards, more so than is okay (so much for being melodramatic! His body is so against him).
My oldest sister has a heart murmur. She has severe sharp pains that are completely unexplainable. She’s been to the hospital, seen specialists, and no one can figure out why she is having such severe pains in her stomach.
I’m glad I’m adopted. The only medicine I take is for anxiety. So simple. I get all of the benefits of having brothers and sisters in this life. I get to torture them… *clears throat* I mean… to be with them through the eternities. Simply put, they are stuck with me. So Carol better have a guest room in her mansion so I can come and visit often.
I’m glad I’m adopted because my family is amazing. They have taught me through word and deed. They have loved me unconditionally. Whether or not I grasp the concept at times, they accept me as I am. I get the best of both worlds.

I’m so glad I’m adopted.

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