Three Cheers for Sexist Okies!

July 14, 2015
It’s 99 degrees to day in Edmond OK. I came out of Office Depot to where my car was parked on the broiling blacktop, only to notice that I had a flat on my passenger rear tire. “Oh no! I have a flat tire!” I said aloud.
Before I could get my trunk opened, a white-headed gentleman was inspecting the tire and as soon as I opened the lid of the spare tire cover, he was lifting it out. By the time I had the jack and lug wrench in hand, a younger man was taking it from me, setting it up while the other helped get the lug nuts off.
They seemed to have it well in hand, and I stood back and watched them.
It only took five minutes before the donut was placed and the damaged tire stored in my trunk. The second man had done more of the work and he admonished me to take the brand new donut straight to a gas station to add air, since they are never properly inflated from the factory. (Mine had never been used).
So I obediently added air at a nearby gas station.
When I got home, I removed the chunk of metal from the tire tread with pliers. I got out the tire plug kit and  repaired the hole in the tire. I revved up the air compressor and inflated the tire, tested it for leakage and finding it well-sealed, I removed the donut and replaced the tire on the rim hub. I carefully tightened the lug nuts, finger tightening opposites so it will be even, and finishing up with a little more tightening with the wrench. Whew, good as new.
It’s currently politically correct to call any male that assumes it is his role as a member of the stronger sex to aid a woman with her car, sexist. How dare they assume that just because I’m female, I needed their help? WHAT?
On the other hand, it was so kind and gentlemanly, it made my day and affirmed my love of people of Oklahoma and the culture that survives despite a more hostile world. May God bless those two fine fellows!
They never need to know that I took care of the repair and replacement by myself. Their act of kindness and gentlemanliness is not reduced because I was capable of doing it myself.

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  • Reply M. Wilcox July 14, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    Days before we moved from OK, I was walking into a store and passed an older cowboy-looking gentleman. He nodded and tipped his hat. The thought passed through my mind that I would never have that happen in Seattle. I don't miss the heat and the bugs now that we live in a more politically correct area but I certainly miss the kind and considerate people of OK.

  • Reply Beth Stephenson July 14, 2015 at 6:12 pm

    Darn, M. Wilcox, that's sad that you were apparently proved right. I'm betting that rare is the woman whose heart doesn't skip a beat when a man tips his hat to her. He can be the seediest old codger in town, but the gesture has the same effect on me. How about you other girls? And men/guys, I hope you're taking note!

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