Sneaking off to the Stephenson Garden

June 30, 2015
Sometimes I steal a secret pleasure and shut down my email, plug in my phone to charge in my front entryway and saunter, unencumbered by technological links, into my garden. 

Today, I invited my grandsons I’m tending this week to join me. 
This is what we saw: 
A Matriarchal Katydid. They eat grasshoppers. Lovely, isn’t she? She’s on a pumpkin leaf.

A pair of daisies

A pair of daylilies

Another pair of Stella-de Oro daylilies

This is a new form of coneflower I found at Walmart.  Cute, isn’t it?

More daylilies

The miniature Zinnias are blooming! So CUTE!


We also saw that the deer came up onto the back patio and ate up the sweet bell pepper plants and most of the pink-leafed caladiums. I hope they enjoyed my garden as much as I enjoy VENISON!

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