Why I Believe: Prayers Bring Comfort and Confidence

September 13, 2014

 Patricia Arnold writes of teaching high school-aged students a scripture study class held early in the morning on school days.  She’s a Mormon and the four year courses focus a year each on Old Testament, New Testament, then Book of Mormon and last, Church History. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Pepperdine University in Education and in English and is the mother of seven children.
     “I taught a Seminary class in our church and though it seemed to be going well, I began to feel inadequate, even negative toward my ability to teach effectively.  I decided to fast and pray  earnestly for a day. 

     I realized soon after I began the fast that I had been offering only superficial prayers during the past weeks, not realizing how badly I needed the Lord’s help. 
     Two other truths were made clear to me. The fear of making a wrong decision over even minor problems had caused me to procrastinate decisions, thus exacerbating the problem, Now I must recognize that habit when it occurs.
      The second problem was that the Lord in my past prayer had seemed to approve of various ways to present a lesson.  How  could I know the BEST way?  The answer I felt was that I should teach what I felt most capable to teach with confidence and someone in the class would benefit.
     By feeling the spirit of the Lord for a whole day I learned that I can be more patient and accept my decisions as being worthy to adjust to – that is, if I spend the day studying for Seminary, then I can patiently adjust to neglected housework.  Many of my private battles stem from not trusting my decisions, even if they seemed right at the time they were made.
      The next day I felt good during Seminary.  The young people responded and I felt sure that I was teaching the truths they needed.  
       I want to shout thanks to my Heavenly Father who most surely does answer prayers, who is anxious to help us when we ask Him with  meek, undemanding hearts.”

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