Thoughts on Undocumented Children

July 25, 2014

A friend recently told me of her family’s astonishingly kind act. They bought and remodeled a home for their parents. The parents had no where else to go. They had no credit, no money and because of their history of not taking care of their home, no landlord would rent to them.
I would imagine that most readers will identify what happened next, before I need to say it.
Those receiving the freebees didn’t take care of their free home.
They attracted others to come freeload with them.
They didn’t keep it clean. It became infested with cockroaches.
They dumped grease down all the drains in the house because it was easier than disposing of it in the garbage, until there was not one drain in the house working. The drains all started leaking.
Leaking plumbing was allowed to continue to leak and leak and leak until the floors rotted out.
The place reeks of mold and decay and would be condemned if investigated.
Now the home is unlivable. The parents have nowhere to go. No landlord will rent to them. They’re health is damaged from living in such unwholesome circumstances. The generous children still owe a chunk on a mortgage.
How would you advise my friends to handle this situation?

Are you surprised by the recipients’ behavior? Why?  Dysfunctional people do not become high achievers just because they receive something for free. In fact they value less those things for which they have made no sacrifice. It is human nature to value something in direct proportion to how much effort it took to obtain it.
1.  People like free stuff.
2. The more of it they get, the more of it they seek,
3. The more they get, the less value they perceive to be receiving
4. They soon believe that because they’ve received it in the past, they DESERVE to continue to receive it.
5. Most importantly, the more that someone else tells them that they are incapable for providing for themselves by their own labors, the more they BELIEVE IT!
6. We have created a generation of people that don’t believe that they can succeed if they work hard and maintain high moral ethics by extending welfare, workers comp, etc far far far beyond reasonable limits.

We are systematically cutting the hamstrings of the poor and needy Americans by not enforcing strict limits on the free stuff. Free stuff should be limited to those incapable of providing for themselves, who have no other resources.
We are motivating young people to give up on education and effort, since the only risk they see is that they will have to steal to get some of the extras they want. They no longer connect their labor to providing for their needs and wants.
The USA is attracting free-loaders from all over the world by giving away free stuff.
Those coming here for the freebees, often become human traffic, forced into prostitution and criminal behaviors by predators.
The children that are flooding across our boarders in hope of free stuff, without the help, protection, guidance of caring adults are leaping into a shadowed abyss, a moral vacuum of ignorance, abuse, crime, disease and dependency.
There are no vacancies in the American Foster System. Every state has a shortage of foster homes, let alone adoptive homes. There is literally no healthy place for these children to go.
There are thousands upon thousands of foster children languishing for want of a permanent home. Case workers are so overloaded that need, abuse, molestation are impossible to prevent.
America is utterly unequipped to take care of ANY more children without parental support. We’re often failing dismally in doing it for the citizens.

These are two of my sons and grandson on a hike to Ice Lake in Colorado, but the image applies symbolically.  

These children are just trading a Guatemalan street for an American street, a Columbian gang for an American gang. Somebody is paying their way, however. How much better to invest that money in helping them at home!
 So it makes sense that those governments facilitating these travelers are glad to see them go. They are a symptom of those governments’ social disorders and dysfunctions.
The only solution for undocumented children who make it or who have made it across our boarders is to sort them into 747’s headed to their countries of origin, and feed and clothe them once they’re airborne. Inoculate them against disease while they’re on the jet. This would cost only a tiny fraction of the cost currently proposed by the American president. It will return the problem of caring for these people to those responsible for it.
If American’s feel compassion for the hopeless existence these children face, get involved in international programs that feed and educate children in their own countries. Such organizations abound. They are sponsored by churches and other altruistic organizations.
The US government is NOT an altruistic organization. It seems to acknowledge that by giving tax exemptions for donations to REAL charitable organizations.
The US Government  is so gigantically obese that it does nothing well and is chock full of waste and decay.
Compassionate people will stop the US’s  debilitating practice of doing for people what they can and ought to do for themselves.
 They will donate and help organizations that address the needs of children all over the world.

They’ll work with their own two hands to make a difference, one person at a time. 

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    I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it exelrmtey easy for me!

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