The Dieter (Honorable Mention at the OWFI poetry contest)

May 13, 2013

Sorry about the weird formatting. It doesn’t seem to translate very well from my word program.
Note also: My Great Great Grandmother really was a Hershey, from Hershey Penn. And I really don’t drink (or even like) diet coke, but it rhymes better than ‘Sprite.’ Here in the south, Diet coke is the absolutely most common beverage.
The Diet-er
I have kisses in my bedroom,
  Blisses in my car
 I keep Snickers in my kitchen
Jellies in a jar
Russell Stover is my boyfriend,
Grandma was a See
Jolly Rancher is my husband
Grandpa’s a Hershey
I eat donuts for my breakfast,
Chips and dip for lunch.
My dinner’s something deep-fried
 But, I have a hunch,
That somebody’ll laugh at me,
Thinking it’s a joke
When I peruse a menu
And order Diet Coke.


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