January 11, 2013
A note to my dear readers: Have you noticed the two new buttons on the top right side of my blog page? The CleanReads.net is FANTASTIC! It’s a site that rates book content the way movies are rated. Each book is read for content by a qualified reader and then rated for each category (sex, violence, language, disturbing, etc). There is also a response to the book to give insight into tone and quality.
 You can check out the sample reviews without a subscription, but subscriptions are only about 12 dollars for a year and less if you buy two years at a time. With a subscription, you can request reviews, get personal advice from a qualified reading specialist for learners, and find rankings for level of difficulty. It’s brilliant for anyone, but I can’t imagine a homeschooler not taking advantage of this great new resource. (The website launched just a few weeks ago). New books are being added every week, including from high school and college reading lists. Use the button to check it out!

The other button, (Madmim) is mostly sewing with other crafts once in a while. Miriam is funny and talented and she doesn’t assume a high level of skill or experience. It’s geared to shoestring living. I’ve made a few of her projects and they turned out well.
When something is really worthwhile, as these two sites are, I REALLY want them to succeed. Help me promote them by linking and forwarding buttons! 

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