Basic Pressure canning Instructions/hints.

August 27, 2012
Pressure Canning

Newer pressure cookers are safe. They have several safety devices including a pressure valve if in case the vent is plugged. It’s inconvenient to replace the pressure release valve, however so ALWAYS check to be sure the vent is opened before you place the pressure gauge.

Jars, lids and rings should be clean but there’s no reason to sterilize them. Lids are fine right out of the box.

Feel free to post questions on the blog. I’ve experimented with lots of different types of recipes.
You may load either raw or already cooked food into the jars. Fill with liquid (if the content is not liquid) to ½ inch of top. At salt or other seasonings. Wipe rim. Place lid. Tighten band.

Place in pressure cooker on rack. If jars are short enough to allow stacking that’s fine.

They must be upright. Add an inch and a half or two inches of water.

Double check to be sure you can see light through the pressure valve (top center). Secure lid, being careful to keep rubber gasket in place under lid’s notches. Place on burner. Attach pressure gauge.

15 pounds for meats. 10 pounds for veggies, 5 pounds for fruits and applesauce.

For Mirromatic pressure cookers:

Turn heat to high. The cooker will steam and may drip. That will stop and the cooker will begin to hiss/rattle when it reaches pressure you determined on gauge. When it starts to hiss, turn down heat until the hissing becomes intermittent, (about every 15-30 seconds for a few seconds each time. When it hisses, start timing.

Raw Meats, Poultry, Beans 1 hour (at 15 pounds)

Vegetables including pumpkin puree 45 minutes (at 10 pounds pressure)

Fruits, applesauce or tomatoes, 15 minutes at (at 5 lbs pressure)

You may: load jars with raw ingredients, back fill with liquid and cook and process at the same time.

Fill jar with raw meat (add a little salt if you’re using water) add at least some liquid to fill gaps.

Make a big recipe of soup, stew, spaghetti sauce etc serve it and bottle the rest. (It’s faster if the food is still hot.)

Cook chili with raw beans and raw meat without jars in about an hour and 15 minutes and it will taste like it simmered for 10 hours.

You’ll never use your slow cooker again.

Prepare mashed potatoes from whole (clean) potatoes in 15 minutes.

But don’t forget as you experiment, there MUST ALWAYS BE LIQUID in the pressure cooker. You CAN NOT broast in it without ruining the pan (and the meat).

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