Oh my, my children are too gullible.

January 17, 2012
One after another of my adult kids have burdened their poor mother with money mistakes that were so avoidable, it aches. Both my father and my father in law succumbed to scams. They just couldn’t believe that people could be so dishonest. But that’s the hard fact, folks. Lots of people are dishonest. SOOO here are the rules for my family, my friends, everyone that ever was a friend and everyone that would like to be a friend.

If something seems like it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
If someone offers something free but then needs your credit card information, hang up.
If a business charges shipping and handling, it isn’t free.
Sometimes legitimate businesses are linked to scamming companies.  Like the time I ordered a nose and ear hair trimmer off an infomercial on TV.  The  second set was supposedly free, but they charged double the shipping and handling for the second set, making it the same cost as the first. I told them that I didn’t want the “free” set and they had to call a superviser and gave me rigamarole for half an hour. When I said, “nevermind. Cancel the order,” they sent me one set. Then they started an insurance policy automatically withdrawn on that credit card that I had to call them and tell them I didn’t want it in order to avoid the charge.  If I hadn’t opened the junk mail that day, (which I almost never do,) the charge would have started.
You don’t ever need to prove balances in ANY account except to take out a loan.
Never, ever, ever, ever, give out a credit card number, account number, debit card number, or social security number over the phone or online unless you initiated the call to pay a bill.
Just because a business advertising on the Internet, radio, TV or newspaper doesn’t mean it isn’t a scam. The media have no obligation to verify the legitimacy of their advertisers.
Use paypal for online purchases. I’m convinced it’s safe and insured and they’re pretty easy to work with.
Most beggars are scammers. Carry small bills if your conscience bothers you when you pass them by.
Some businesses do drawings and give aways for publicity and to attract customers. But if they ask for a list of identifying information, other than name, and one method to contact you, (like the cars in the mall that you just slip the entry in the crack of the window), their purpose is to resell your information to junk mailers and spammers to the enth degree.
  If a stranger has a sad story that isn’t immediately verifiable, don’t believe it.
Be watchful, be careful. There’s no glory in being a  dupe or paying for the next round of liquor or drugs for a scam artist.
If someone asks me for money to buy food, I offer to buy them food. They’ve taken me up on it a few times.
Anyway, it’s time to shut down the scammers. BE SMART!

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