A good book for outside-the-box thinkers.

March 7, 2011
The advertising for “The Adjustment Bureau” reminds me very much of a book I recently read called, “The Bureau of Resurrection” by Kim Burnham. Following the plot is like following a drunk driver who knows exactly where they’re going. The author is a professor at OSU and though the book has a distinctly witty overtone, the undertone is a serious comment on places science ought not to go, and the disasterous effects of invasive government. It’s not political, but insightful and loaded with enough symbols to keep any poet busy for a day or two.  Kim is a fellow member of the Red Dirt Writers and you can get a feel for his writing style by going to RedDirtWriters.org and reading some of his (contest winning) stories and poems. His writing style won’t please everyone, but if you are one that can accept outside the box situations and science fiction that makes you laugh, I think you’ll really enjoy it. This is his first novel and he’s finishing up the editing on a non-fiction book that has already been accepted for publication, (I think next year). You can buy “The Bureau of Resurrection” on Amazon.com. 
  While you’re visiting RedDirtWriters.org, check out some of the other goodies there.  We’ve got some super talented people in this group.

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