July 29, 2010
After a great vacation touring the north eastern part of our nation and Canada, (patriots, eat your heart out, we spent the fourth of July in Philadelphia!) we’re home and in the thick of trying to make repairs, updates refurbishing and just plain cleaning. I MUST give a shout out to a great sight called “JustAsk.com” For $9.00 you chat with a professional who guides you through repairs.
When we got home, it was clear that changing the filters for the furnace on the master bedroom side of the house had not affected the function of the air conditioner. I realized that it wasn’t working at all! (I like it warm at night, but not THAT warm). I went out to look at the fan thing on the side of the house and it would buzz once in a while, but the fan didn’t turn. I logged on to “JustAsk.com” and requested a heat and air specialist. He directed me to unscrew a panel on the side and look at something he called an exploded soda can. Sure enough, it was all bulging out the top. He told me that I had a bad ‘capasitor’. I asked him when I could get a new one and he suggested two possible business if they were in our area. One of them was and had the part in stock. I loosened a couple of bracket screws, noted how the wires clipped on, and went and got the part for $23. For about 15 minutes of actual work, I replaced the capasitor.
Now, when someone says their air conditioner isn’t working, I can toss off to check their capasitor to see if it’s bulging. I have NO idea what the part does, but the fun thing is that I don’t need to know. The air conditioner is working great now. I had called an air conditioning tech to come out and he would have charged at house call for $75. and a diagnosis fee of $75, and all that is before parts and labor! I’m not smart enough to know what a capasitor does, but I’m smart enough to save a big fat wad of money!
I also used JustAsk.com to fix my dishwasher. The part that needed to be fixed was much simpler and easier than I had expected. It didn’t require any parts, just a simple fix and few minutes. The best part is that if they can’t help you, you don’t have to pay! I’ve been so tickled that I’ve tipped the guy a few bucks each time.
Now if only I had a way to fix the scratches on my dining room table without stripping the whole thing.

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